This year, the documents circulation between state authorities should become completely electronic

01/16/21 22:28

This year, the documents circulation between state authorities should become completely electronic

Plans for government services digitalization were announced by the PMR Prime Minister Alexander Martynov

Tiraspol, January 16. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Over the years, electronic document exchange in Pridnestrovie will be seriously improved, the Prime Minister Alexander Martynov on the air of the First Pridnestrovian TV Channel said.

We remind you, the government services portal has been launched in the republic since the year of 2018. Its main goal is to digitize as much as possible verification letters and documents, that are issued by state authorities. This would enable less standing in line for one paper or another. Nowadays such a way is followed all over the world and Pridnestrovie is no exception.

“Over the past year, we not without difficulty, but managed to launch the documents electronic circulation between state authorities. It was necessary to computerize them, and to work out the relevant software and the electronically arranged signature. All this was successfully done,” Alexander Martynov said.

This spring (from April to May), state authorities, according to the plan, should completely moving from hard-copy document workflow when their internal cooperation to completely automated electronic one. At that moment, this working format is being tested, and by the indicated date it will start working in normal operation.

This will increase the government services portal’s possibilities. Herewith it’s important to provide the resulting service through the portal, only when the state authorities will be very quickly exchange documents between themselves,” the Prime Minister explained.

By the middle of the year, the procedure for license receiving and payment, as well as all paperwork submitted by legal entities, will become completely electronic. Another 30-40 services will appear on the portal.

Administrative reform is served not only to solve technical issues, but also to adopt in people the habit of using modern services for government services receiving. Even when there is everything for the digital working, many people are continuing to it in the old manner

“Verification letters are also a mentality and habit’s matter. This also applies to officials, who have been accustomed to working with paper for decades and haven’t experience of using the electronically arranged signature. The same kind of thing also applies to citizens, who, despite the government services occurrence on the portal, still by force of habit, work with paper” the Head of Government considers.

However, the papers sooner or later will become a thing of the past. The digital working will become such a part of our day-to-day routine.

“This is an evolutionary method of solving the problem. This year, the state will make a significant breakthrough: a very large part of services will be available in electronic form. Also a hard-copy document workflow between the state authorities will be almost completely excluded. This is an essential requirement, but in the following years it’s the development matter,” Alexander Martynov summed up.


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