Supreme Council Deputies about the war in Nagorny Karabakh: They should look for peaceful solution to the conflict

10/07/20 16:50

Supreme Council Deputies about the war in Nagorny Karabakh: They should look for peaceful solution to the conflict

Pridnestrovian parliamentarians call on global powers to assist in maintaining the ceasefire

Tiraspol, October, 7. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Members of the Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Policy and International Relations shared their views on the events taking place in Nagorny Karabakh, as well as in connection with the statement adopted by the Supreme Council.

According to the PMR Supreme Council Deputy, Chairman of the Association of Veterans of the War in Afghanistan Igor Buga, the conflict, which has ancient historical roots, is turning into a local war.

“Karabakh, like us, is unrecognized. This is our fraternal republic. We could not bear to keep away and not to accept such a statement. Today we called on all parties for a ceasefire and to engage in negotiations, since military solution to this conflict simply does not exist. It is only possible to have the maximum number of victims, destruction of infrastructure, depletion of resources and involvement of all others concerned in this conflict. That is, their geographical expansion. That must not be allowed to happen,” Igor Buga noted.

The parliamentarian believes that today the main diplomatic players, Russia, America, the EU, should intervene and force both parties into a ceasefire and conclusion of a peace agreement.

Deputy Grigory Dyachenko noted that it was clear to the residents of Pridnestrovie who survived the war of the 90s that hostilities must be stopped as soon as possible.

“Neither peaceful people nor those serving should have to die. When the world community understands: if a people, even a small one, wants to live by their own laws, independently, they should give them the right to live autonomously. But the war must be stopped, they should look for peaceful solution to the conflict,” Grigory Dyachenko expressed his confidence.

Parliamentarian Andrey Safonov believes that the main idea, which is expressed in the Supreme Council statement on the situation in Nagorny Karabakh, is the need for peace and an early ceasefire on the line of contact between the parties.

“There are enough forces that consider it necessary to take revenge for their defeats in the 90s. And it was then that the nationalists` plans were defeated. So let's hope that common sense will prevail and, in combination with international mediation, there will be reached a peace agreement, or at least an armistice agreement. And Nagorny Karabakh itself, as a state formation, must hold its ground,” Andrey Safonov said.

It should be reminded that today the Supreme Council adopted a statement on the situation in the Nagorny Karabakh conflict zone.

The parliamentary press service reports that the statement will be published in all media, as well as transmitted to the friendly countries of Pridnestrovie and directly to the Republic of Artsakh.


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