Vadim Krasnoselsky: Independent Pridnestrovie is a guarantee of the Pridnestrovian multinational people`s security

09/03/20 12:52

Vadim Krasnoselsky: Independent Pridnestrovie is a guarantee of the Pridnestrovian multinational people`s security

In an interview with the Russia-24 TV channel, the PMR President noted that national enmity was excluded in a state created by the people

Tiraspol, September 3. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Pridnestrovians defended the right to live on their land, the right to speak their native language and feel safe 30 years ago Therefore, today's independent Pridnestrovie is a guarantee of the entire multinational Pridnestrovian people`s security. This was stated by the President of the PMR Vadim Krasnoselsky in an interview with the Russia-24 TV channel.

“There are 72 nationalities and ethnic groups here. The main ones are Russians, Moldovans, Ukrainians. We have three official languages: Russian, Moldovan and Ukrainian. There are about 220 thousand citizens of Russia, about the same number of citizens of Moldova, about 100 thousand citizens of Ukraine. All of them are Pridnestrovians,” Vadim Krasnoselsky said.

According to him, when the people themselves, and not the political elites, create their own state, then national enmity is excluded.

“In Pridnestrovie, you are free to wear Ukrainian embroidered shirt, Russian national dress, or Moldavian one. You can speak any language. Everybody gets along. Nobody makes claims to each other,” the PMR President added.

On September 2, 1990, at the II Extraordinary Congress of Deputies of all levels in Tiraspol, the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic was proclaimed within the USSR. This event was the result of the discriminatory policy of the Moldovan authorities, which launched the process of linguistic segregation and separation from the Soviet Union, and also recognized the formation of the Moldavian SSR in 1940 as illegal. The Union Republic was created from parts of two different historical and geographical regions - Bessarabia and Pridnestrovie, on the territory of which there was the Moldavian Autonomous SSR in 1924-1940. In response to the actions of Chisinau, the Pridnestrovians held referendums and, with an overwhelming majority of votes (97%), supported the restoration of statehood in Pridnestrovie. In 2006, there was held the seventh referendum in Pridnestrovie, during which the citizens of the PMR spoke in favor of independence and integration with the Russian Federation.


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