Meeting with the Heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank was held at the Presidential Executive Office

03/31/20 20:16

Meeting with the Heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank was held at the Presidential Executive Office

Sergey Belous, Vitality Ignatiev, Ruslan Mova and Vladislav Tidva were invited to the meeting at the presidential executive office. They talked about difficulties faced by the PMR citizens and economic agents of the republic. We are talking about delaying the procedures for clearances of goods at the Moldavian border, primarily pharmaceuticals. Pridnestrovians are forced to transit them through Moldova in connection with the quarantine closure of the Ukrainian border. Despite the social significance and the special value of the cargo in the pandemic, the Moldovan side poses bureaucratic obstacles, the overcoming of which is delayed for an unacceptably long time (several cars stood at the border for more than a week). At present, there are four trucks loaded with medicines for Pridnestrovians in the territory of the neighboring state. The meeting participants consider that what is happening is the use of administrative tools to solve political problems. There are difficulties with the delivery of non-medical goods to the republic. The trucks with computer and other equipment that are necessary for the operational launch of the distance learning mechanism for schoolchildren and students are several days in Moldova. Under the conditions of universal quarantine declared in the country, there is no other way to organize the educational process. The international community is timely informed about the state of affairs in this direction, as well as about the situation with the restriction of the right of citizens of Pridnestrovie to the free use of their own financial resources. 

Today, thousands of Pridnestrovians are deprived of the opportunity to cash in Pridnestrovie the funds on the cards of the international payment systems Mastercard and Visa. Due to quarantine measures, travel outside the republic is limited. The operational headquarters to prevent the spread of the virus in PMR organizes centralized delivery of citizens to the nearest terminals located in the village of Varnitsa. During the period of restrictive measures, assistance was provided to hundreds of residents of the republic - mainly pensioners who receive monthly Russian payments on cards. Much larger number of Pridnestrovian residents have a need for cash withdrawal. Despite the efforts made to ensure the safety of departing citizens, each of them is at risk of infection, emphasized during a working discussion. Indifference of the international community in a situation where the citizens of Pridnestrovie due to the actions of the Republic of Moldova found themselves in an extremely difficult situation, bordering on a hopeless situation, is inexplicable, emphasized Vadim Krasnoselsky. The PMR President aimed the interlocutors to continue work on upholding the rights of the Pridnestrovians and finding ways to solve the problems artificially created by the Moldovan side.


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