Brand for Pridnestrovie. Artemy Lebedev began his work in Tiraspol

12/05/19 16:44

Brand for Pridnestrovie. Artemy Lebedev began his work in Tiraspol

Famous Russian designer will create a brand for the republic

Tiraspol, December 5. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The famous Russian designer, Artemy Lebedev arrived in Pridnestrovie. He and his team will develop a brand for our republic, which, along with other measures, will help to develop tourism successfully. The process have started in November, when the first brand sessions were launched. Today, at a meeting in the Ministry of Economic Development there was held a preliminary conversation about what Pridnestrovians want to see and what the designer himself thinks about this.

During the meeting, it was noted that there were stereotypes about Pridnestrovie in the world that should be destroyed.

“Traditionally, Pridnestrovie is perceived as a kind of strained, closed, fenced-in region. In the development of tourism, the first thing we need to do is try to vanish this stereotype,” Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Development, Sergey Obolonik said.

Moreover, a unique regional identity has been formed in Pridnestrovie.

“We have already held several brand sessions, there were so many different opinions. They are very difficult to assemble into some kind of technical task for designers. There is a whole set of images. Someone sees Suvorov, another divine or river and fields, someone - the Soviet Union. It’s not so easy to pull together all this into some kind of design solution,” Ivan Liptuga, moderator of these sessions, president of the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine, shared his impressions.

However, the final image is still far away. So far, only ideas, opinions, images are being gathered. Preferences in the Ministry of Economic Development were voiced that they wanted to see the result as simple, understandable and at the same time capacious and memorable. So that with proper promotion, the word "Pridnestrovie" evokes only positive emotions.

Artemy himself has not yet shared any ideas. He was here in 2011, says that much has changed since then.

“I need to plunge into the atmosphere now, to understand all the specifics as if I have no background. Then the essence will emerge from which it will be possible to further develop the idea,” he said at the meeting.

The Moscow guest recalled: design is a tool with applied functions. With its proper use, the results sometimes turn out to be more interesting than originally intended.

Successful brands often begin to live their own lives. For example, that happened to the Odessa brand, also designed by Artemy Lebedev's studio.

“One must always understand that design is like a child: you never know which way it will grow, what its character will be, what events will happen in its lifetime. The same thing with design, the main thing is good genes, and then life, circumstances and upbringing will make character out of it,” he explained.

According to Lebedev, the fact that Pridnestrovie is carefully getting rid of the image of a closed and dangerous territory is good as such. This is like a nature reserve, which attracts attention by the fact that for a long time it was a forbidden place to visit, and now it is ready to accept everyone.



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