07/15/19 13:08


Now, economic agents can send goods directly to their sites and warehouses

Tiraspol, July, 15. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The State Customs Committee made amendments to the Regulations on the procedure for performing customs operations related to the arrival, delivery and temporary storage of goods and vehicles.

The press service of the State Customs Committee reports that according to the innovations, the list of places for goods delivery had been expanded: it includes premises, open spaces and other territories of enterprises that have received permission from the customs authority for safekeeping.

Prior to this, only authorized operators had the ability to deliver goods directly to their own premises.

“Thus, the economic agents who previously delivered goods to the customs control zones of customs were able to send the goods directly to their sites and warehouses, which they use for storage in the prescribed manner. Delivered goods must remain unchanged, and unloading can be carried out in the presence of an inspector of customs authorities,” the press release says.

The ministry stressed that in order to complete the delivery of goods, shipping and commercial documents should be transferred to the customs office of destination in the prescribed manner.

"The changes made will simplify customs operations and transport logistics, as well as allow unloading the customs control zones of the customs authorities of destination", noted in the SCC.


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