Among the events dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the Bendery tragedy is the opening of a new trolleybus line

06/19/19 16:01

Among the events dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the Bendery tragedy is the opening of a new trolleybus line

The trolleybus routes came to life in Bendery 26 years ago - on the first anniversary of the Bendery tragedy. On June 19, 1993, trolleybus line connected Bendery with the Pridnestrovian capital. The route has been assigned a symbolic number "19". Later, the electric transport network became wider. For a quarter of a century, six more routes were laid through the city to facilitate the movement of Bendery. Due to numerous requests, another line has been put into operation today. It was especially waited by inhabitants of the residential district Solnechny. Addressing them, the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky called the tradition of opening trolleybus lines in Bendery precisely on June 19th good and deeply symbolic.

Vadim Krasnoselsky addressed the words of gratitude to the city administration, as well as to the teams of enterprises that took direct part in laying the trolleybus line - Bendery Trolleybus Administration and the Municipal Unitary Enterprise “KommunalDorServis”. Some employees received state awards.

Together with the President and the head of the city administration, the young residents of Bendery, the fifth graders of school No. 16, Arina and Denis, who live in the Solnechny microdistrict, opened the “1A” route. Together with the leadership of the country and the city, participants in the events of the tragic year 92, the families and friends of the dead defenders were one of the first passengers to follow the new route. Its length is 2.5 kilometers. Roadbed was updated.

Despite the fact that the first route for residents of Bendery is free, Vadim Krasnoselsky and Roman Ivanchenko paid the fare. The trolleybus conductor Natalya Buga noticed with a smile that she would keep “happy coupons”. As it should be in public transport, the trolley bus made stops. At the first of them, a grateful resident of Bendery handed flowers to the “team” with words of gratitude and wishes of a good trip. The bouquet was more than appropriate, given that the driver of the trolleybus is a woman. Tatyana Demyanovskaya has been driving electric transport for almost a decade and a half. An experienced driver, she noted that it is an honor for her to make the first route on a new line and carry in the cabin the leaders of the republic and of the city, as well as the defenders and their relatives. In the course of the movement, the number of passengers on trolleybus “1A” grew.



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