05/15/19 20:04


2.1% in four months

Tiraspol, May 15. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Inflation rates decrease continues and in April they reached a two-year minimum, it is told in the review of the Pridnestrovian republican bank. It made 2.1% in four months through the previous year it was 4.6% in January-April.

The Ministry of Economic Development gives such comparison with neighbours: the minimum level of inflation for the same period is recorded in Russia – 2.1%, in Belarus the prices grew by 2.7%, in the Republic of Moldova – for 3%. Ukraine, where the indicator was 3.4%, remained the leader in growth rates of goods and services cost.

In the domestic consumer market the average level of prices grew by 0.6% last month. The main inflationary impact was made by a segment of food – fruit and vegetable products (+7.9%), first of all, vegetables (+15.1%) generally rose in price. At the same time, the levelling effect was rendered by deflation on such positions as eggs (-3.1%), cheeses (-2.2%), oils and fats (-0.8%).

The segment of nonfoods in April was characterized by relative price stability against the background of the mutually repaying impact of tobacco products (+1.7%) and deflationary trends on the majority of commodity positions within 0.1-0.4% raised in price.

Within socially oriented public policy tariffs for services remained almost invariable. Increase in tariffs for services of commercial banks (+0.1%), passenger transport (+0.3%) was levelled by the depreciation of rendering household services (-0.1%).



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