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The relevant bill can appear in the nearest future

Tiraspol, December, 18. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The President of the PMR suggested toughening accountability for the destruction of the monuments of the historical and cultural heritage. In particular, it is about ancient objects which are in threat of destruction because of the illegal excavation.  

"Pridnestrovie is rich with the ancient history. In the territory of the republic, the set of ancient monuments remained. By different estimates, there are several hundred only kurgans. Of course, they are protected by the state. Perhaps, it is necessary to toughen accountability for illegal excavation of kurgans", - Vadim Krasnoselsky told, answering a question of the correspondent of Novosti Pridnestrovya News Agency. 

With the relevant proposal, the Head of the state addressed the deputy of the Supreme Council Galina Antyufeva, the Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on the legislation, law enforcement agencies, defence, safety, peacekeeping, protection of the rights and freedoms of the citizens.

"We are successors of such a rich culture … There has to be an accurate state protection of the ancient cultures. Think as a responsible committee. Let's develop a position together", - Vadim Krasnoselsky offered. 

The state cannot assume the irresponsible destruction of the historical monuments, Galina Antyufeeva commented the press conference results.  

"The question is brought up really correctly. The committee will fulfil it, and I suppose in the nearest future such initiative will be directed", - told the Vice Speaker of the Supreme Council. 

According to Civil Service on Culture and Historical Heritage, today in the republic there are registered 2,123 objects of historical and cultural value most of which (1,804, or 85%) are archaeological heritage. However, by estimates of research associates of the Pridnestrovian State University, in the territory of the republic, there are from 10 to 12 thousand monuments of different cultures and historical eras which still should be included in the state register. 

By data SIL "Archeology" in Pridnestrovie annually collapses about 150 kurgans —, cult constructions of ancient communities. 

For the destruction of objects of the historical and cultural value, unauthorized excavation and illicit traffic of the artefacts the Pridnestrovian legislation provides penalties and criminal offence, up to imprisonment. 

Administrative Code of the PMR, Article 7-11,12,13: 

If in case of detection of the object having signs of an object of cultural heritage, earth, construction, road or other works do not stop, and an object is damaged, the administrative penalty is imposed: on citizens in the amount of 100 up to 200 MWL (minimum wage level) , on public officials – from 200 to 300 MWL, on legal entities – from 300 to 4000 MWL.  

Non-execution or inadequate execution by the public official of the functions assigned to it, therefore, an object of cultural heritage (including revealed) was destroyed or damaged, attracts imposing of an administrative penalty in the amount up to 500 MWL. 

Conducting archaeological fieldworks without open list if these actions do not contain penal act, or with violation of the conditions provided by an open list are imposed by a penalty from 200 to 600 MWL for various categories of citizens. 

The actions which entailed damage or destruction by the negligence of an archaeological monument  (the revealed object of cultural heritage) attract imposing of an administrative penalty in the amount of 100 up to 5000 MWL. 

Evasion from the obligatory transfer of the found artefacts to the museums attracts prevention or imposing of an administrative penalty on citizens in the amount of 50 up to 200 MWL. 

Illicit trafficking in archaeological objects attracts imposing of an administrative penalty in the amount of 70 MWL up to 3000 MWL with confiscation of the archaeological objects. 

The criminal code of the PMR, Article 241:  

Destruction or damage of immovable objects of cultural heritage, the natural complexes or objects taken under the protection of the state and also movable objects of cultural heritage can be punished by a large penalty (from 700 to 2000 MWL) or imprisonment up to 2 years. 

For the same acts made concerning objects of cultural heritage of the state value or objects of cultural heritage of the world value penalties of a bigger size (from 1700 to 3000 MWL) are provided, and the term of imprisonment increases up to 5 years. 


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