Blessed are peacekeepers: Pridnestrovian peacekeepers mark professional holiday

05/29/18 10:19

Blessed are peacekeepers: Pridnestrovian peacekeepers mark professional holiday

A series of solemn events were held in Bendery on this occasion
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Bendery, 29 May. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. A solemn rally dedicated to Peacemaker Day, which is celebrated on May 29, was held at a monument to the peacemaker warrior in Bendery.  A number of servicemen of the peacekeeping contingent received high state awards on this occasion.   

 "Today, the personnel of the peacekeeping forces are celebrating their professional holiday - Peacemaker Day. The peacekeepers are serving at the checkpoints and JMF posts; their main function is to preserve peace in our land," said Roman Mikhov, deputy head of the Pridnestrovian peacekeeping contingent.

He said that festive and sports events dedicated to this day would be held in the military unit itself.

The peacekeeping operation in Pridnestrovie has been carried out under the aegis of Russia since 29 July 1992. Back then, the armed forces of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Moldova and the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic entered the conflict security zone.

The peacekeeping operation in Pridnestrovie is carried out by the Joint Peacekeeping Forces, composed of Russian, Pridnestrovian and Moldovan soldiers, as well as ten military observers from Ukraine. The peacemakers serve at 15 stationary posts and checkpoints located in the key sectors of the Security Zone - a 225 km long and 12-24 km wide strip of land stretching along the Dniester. The city of Bendery has the status of a district with high-security status and Dubossary with special-security status.

During the peacekeeping mission, no serviceman or civilian died as a result of the fighting. The operation is recognized successful by international experts, and most importantly by the population of the Security Zone itself, which has lived for more than 25 years at peace. 


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