Nina Shevchuk: we are expecting Dodon to fulfil previous agreements

11/15/16 19:34

Nina Shevchuk: we are expecting Dodon to fulfil previous agreements

According to Pridnestrovie's first lady, building a dialogue with the Moldovan authorities is not possible without abandoning the use of sanctions and other influence methods
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Tiraspol, 15 November. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The former foreign minister of Pridnestrovie and the current first lady, Nina Shevchuk said in an interview with NSN what the republic is expecting from the new Moldovan president, Igor Dodon.

According to her, for several years the PMR has been expecting Moldova to fulfil agreements on Russian troops rotations.

«For several years Pridnestrovie has been expecting the leadership of the Republic of Moldova to fulfil the agreements reached in the negotiation process, to assume a partnership and pragmatic approach towards the negotiations, whose underlying principle — to avoid taking any actions against each other if such actions may worsen the sides' situation — was established back 20 years ago," said Shevchuk.

According to her, building a dialogue with the Moldovan authorities is not possible without abandoning the use of sanctions and other influence methods. The PMR's position on separation from Moldova has not changed, Shevchuk said.

«Without abandoning the suffocating blockade of Pridnestrovie, hundreds of criminal cases brought by Moldova against Pridnestrovie's officials and businessmen, without abandoning the language of sanctions, it will be impossible, as I see it, to build normal relations with our neighbours. With regard to the status, Pridnestrovie more than once and in various formats made it clear that we are ready to negotiate the legal aspects of 'civilised divorce'. The people who live in Pridnestrovie and who on many occasions expressed their will must determine their own fate," said the first lady.

As Nina Shevchuk recalled, back in 1994 the heads of Moldova and Pridnestrovie signed an agreement that settlement issues in the republic would be based on the experience of other countries.

«You just need to finally undertake to fulfil what has been many times agreed," said the ex-minister. «The issue of the deployment of peacekeepers in Pridnestrovie should be solved not by individual Moldovan politicians but by the people whose peace they secure. Pridnestrovie is irrevocably opposed to any changes in the format of deploying the peacekeeping forces here.»

As was reported earlier, the leader of the pro-Russian Socialist Party, Igor Dodon, has won the presidential elections with 52.18% of the popular vote. The single candidate of the right-wing pro-European parties, Maia Sandu, has received 761,934 votes, or 47.82%.


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