MFA and EUBAM harmonising report parameters on Pridnestrovie

09/25/15 12:36

MFA and EUBAM harmonising report parameters on Pridnestrovie

The EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine is ready make corrections in the reports on Pridnestrovie's foreign trade
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Pridnestrovie considered as «ungrounded and not reflecting reality» the report of the EUBAM on Pridnestrovie's foreign trade, said the Pridnestrovian foreign minister, Vitaliy Ignatyev, at the meeting with European diplomats.

Prior to that, it should be recalled, the EUBAM published an analytical note on Pridnestrovie's foreign trade turnover in July 2015, where wrong and incomplete data provided by Moldova's customs agency were given. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the EUBAM had sent out its report to all foreign embassies in Moldova. After the incident Pridnestrovie's foreign minister and EU delegations to Moldova decided to discuss existing differences and mitigate the consequences.

The MFA's statement made after the meeting with EUBAM representatives says that the EUBAM leadership is «ready to start correcting existing faults and work out a more elaborate and objective report.»

«We believe that in this situation we can harmonise the parameters the mission will be able to use for working out balanced and impartial reports," the MFA press office cites the foreign minister as saying.

During the meeting Pridnestrovie recommended its European partners to use official data of Pridnestrovie's economic ministries and agencies when preparing analytical reports.

How Pridnestrovie and the EU mission differed in Pridnestrovie's trade estimates

The EUBAM report on Pridenstrovie's foreign trade in July 2015 includes only those enterprises which are registered in Moldova and carry out export-import transactions through Moldova's customs agencies. The report excludes trade flows between Pridnestrovie and Moldova and in some cases Ukraine. The Ministry of Economic Development, which issued then a press release criticising the report, added that, when calculated foreign trade indices, the EUBAM had not taken into account Moldova's devaluation and Pridnestrovie's support of its national currency exchange rate. As a result, according to the EUBAM report, Pridnestrovie's foreign trade shows increases, whereas, according to Pridnestrovie's economic agencies, trade indices are down. A detailed report how the EUBAM and the Ministry of Economic Development were estimating the country's foreign trade is available here.



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