Socially important goods go down in price

06/24/15 17:07

Socially important goods go down in price

The majority of product items have fallen in price

There has been a reduction in price for the majority of socially important goods in Pridnestrovie. According to the State Statistics Agency, the second week of June (08.06 — 14.06) saw a more than 20% decline in market average prices for food production compared to the same period of last year.

Pork has decreased in price by 27% to 56 roubles per kg, beef by 17% (to 47 roubles per kg) and semi-drawn chicken by 14% (to 33 rouble per kg). As for fish, it is fresh fish that has significantly fallen in price, for example, carp has cheapened by 10% (to 40 roubles per kg), whereas the price for frozen fish (herring) has remained unaltered.

Among milk products, butter has achieved price reduction leadership (by 27%): a standard 200-gramme butter pack may cost 14 roubles today. It is followed by cottage cheese (by 21%): its average price amounts to 26 roubles per kg at Pridnestrovie's markets. Pasteurised milk and kefir have cheapened by more than 20%: a half-litre pack of milk costs 4.35 roubles, and the same pack of kefir 4.4 roubles. Sour cream has gone down in price by 12% (to 29 roubles per kg).

Among vegetable products, it is onion that has cheapened most considerably: by 27% (to 7.5 roubles per kg). New potatoes have fallen in price by 19% to 7 roubles per kg, whereas table beet and carrot have gone up in price by 29% (to 8.8 roubles per kg) and by 19% (to 12.5 roubles per kg), respectively.

Hen's eggs, flour and rice have not changed in price considerably: 8.35 roubles per ten, 7 roubles and 13.1 roubles per kg, respectively. Sugar, in turn, has cheapened by over 25% (to 7.7 roubles per kg), and buckwheat, on the contrary, has risen in price by 23% (to 14.5% roubles).


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