Clear rules of foreign economic activity are needed to attract investments to Pridnestrovie

04/30/15 11:59

Clear rules of foreign economic activity are needed to attract investments to Pridnestrovie

President Yevgeny Shevchuk told about it on the air of Radio-1

According to him, today, the republic badly needs large financial investments for the further development, but investors don't haste to come here due to ambiguities in the external economic rules.

«Not only political instability prevents them, but also unpredictable rules for the foreign economic activity. Moldova's authorities adopt and revoke all rules which they like. For example, we have information here that the Republic of Moldova refused licensing our pretty well-known factory «KVINT». If this is so, it won't actually be able to export its production to the foreign markets," the Head of State noted.

Yevgeny Shevchuk emphasized that when an opponent has instruments of issuing the permits and the registration documents, it often leads to abuses in the political as well as in the economic spheres from his side; in turn, it causes unfair competition.

He also commented on the regular statements of the Ukrainian political representative at the «5+2» format negotiations Andrey Veselovsky that, allegedly, Pridnestrovie being a region of Moldova may not conduct free economic activity.

The President emphasized that it was unwarrantable to make such statements in light of the documents signing; notably that Ukraine representatives also put their signatures there. «It is important to remind that the Pridnestrovie's rights for independent foreign economic contacts are stated in the Memorandum of 1997; the second very important basic clause (for some reason, nobody recalls it) is that Pridnestrovie has the right and may reach agreements with Moldova at the level, I emphasize, of the state legal relations," Yevgeny Shevchuk noted.


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