All reasonable efforts will be made to keep the Pridnestrovie’s national currency stable

12/24/14 15:01

All reasonable efforts will be made to keep the Pridnestrovie’s national currency stable

“Today there is enough non-cash foreign currency in the republic to perform the appropriate payment transactions in hard currency,” the President emphasized commenting on the Pridnestrovie’s ruble exchange rate situation

There were popular rumors that the rates will change considerably after January 1 of the next year.

In his opinion, the rumors concerning the upcoming currency rate change of the Pridnestrovie’s ruble could be floated for the speculation deliberately.

“The situation is not simple. The financial institutions aware of the problem work with the Pridnestrovie’s Republican Bank as a unit. Some institutions are overhyping this situation additionally buying up the currency. Therefore, we will revise our attitude towards those businessmen in the banking sector who don’t want to accept the difficulties and actually make the anti-state moves,” the Head of the state emphasized.

He explained that it is important to maintain the economic stability, socially vulnerable groups while Pridnestrovie suffers the heavy economic conditions. So, the President, the Government and the PRB will take all necessary steps to keep the national currency stable.

"There are several problems concerning the currency in cash. There are similar issues in Moldova and Ukraine. Moreover, this situation is factitious. The imported excise goods have been taxed generally in cash on the border since August of this year. This source has simply run low by now, so there has been no legal opportunity to bring cash for the currency strengthening since 2003 (As known, Moldova has closed accounts of the Pridnestrovie’s banks). The obvious problem influencing the overall money supply in foreign cash is that few citizens come back from earnings and these earnings also became lower. Many people are simply afraid to go through the territory of Ukraine today. The matching of these factors resulted in a certain intensity in currency market,” the President told.


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