The government will continue to support the enterprises in 2015

12/19/14 22:46

The government will continue to support the enterprises in 2015

The First Deputy Prime Minister reminded in the live TV show ‘From the First Person’ of the Prisnestrovie’s First Channel that, despite the difficult economic environment surrounding our state, the Prisnestrovie’s enterprises are supported significantly

‘In particular, the state monetary support in energy tariffs is considerable. Notably that the massive debate emerged in the Supreme Council when we had proposed to include 2.7 billion in 2015 (the difference between the purchase price and gas tariff). This is a countrywide scale support. Such scheme haven’t been implemented anywhere in the world. Today the contract price of gas is 331,8 USD, and this price should be included into the tariff. So, our rate amounts to about 200 rubles (approximately 20 USD) for the population, for the enterprises – to about 180-190 USD. ‘Naturally, the state bears the intertariff difference,’ the First Deputy Prime Minister emphasized.

She added that state support would be provided to the enterprises also in 2015.

‘For example, if we speak about such a large enterprise as Tirotex, about 3 thousand people work there. They have families, so we can't let these people to become idle. Certainly, the enterprises should be supported by the government, and they will be supported for sure - the draft of the next agreement is already prepared,’ Maya Parnas told.

According to her, the today issues concerning the Russian ruble rate has a negative impact on several Pridnestrovie’s manufacturers.

‘The enterprises focused on the Russian market suffer the difficult conditions: today, they can't predict the further developments and the future of their work. The Pridnestrovie’s Government tries to take all emergency measures to prevent their closing down,’ the Pridnestrovie’s First Deputy Prime Minister announced.

She also reminded that all essential tax concessions are provided to the enterprises as well as to ordinary citizens.

‘Our individual income tax revenues are lower, than the tax concessions amount. The minimum wage level (approximately 1.5 thousand rubles) isn't taxed. The tax concessions are additionally provided for each child in the family. Also, the tax concessions are provided to the new coming professionals and to several other citizens categories,’ Maya Parnas noted.


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