03/22/18 16:02
The Pridnestrovian cochairman qualifies this step as the next example of openness
12/20/17 16:21
Commenting on the opening of the bridge near the villages of Bychok and Gura Bycului, the JCC co-chair said that "if certain forces and means are to be used to maintain peace and security, they will certainly be used"
12/12/17 20:02
How does Pridnestrovie complete the negotiating season in 2017?
11/23/17 17:57
At a meeting with the head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova, the Pridnestrovian president indicated that this would facilitate to a large extent the lives of many people
11/16/17 20:47
The commission adopted the fundamental points in the implementation of a protocol decision signed by the chief negotiators of the PMR and Moldova.   A number of issues, including the infrastructure of law enforcement posts, are yet to be discussed
11/06/17 12:17
The chronology of the negotiating process on the opening of the bridge across the Dniester near the villages of Bychok and Gura Bicului
11/01/17 18:44
Vadim Krasnoselsky considers that the first step is to adopt a legal decision, and then work of technical specialists will follow