12/24/15 11:37
This is what the president said during today's year-end press conference
12/02/15 17:25
Yevgeny Shevchuk noted that "the validity of election results should be discussed within the legal framework based on the democratic principle of transparency at each stage of the election campaign in order to dispel doubts to the benefit of citizens and the country"
12/02/15 11:54
The president has signed the corresponding decree
11/27/15 12:16
This is what President Yevgeny Shevchuk said at a meeting with Dnestrovsk residents
11/19/15 20:39
The President declared it at the meeting with Grigoriopol citizens
10/28/15 10:53
According to the president, the chief goal of the war is the change of the peacekeeping format, bringing Moldova's security agencies into the country and complete destruction of the state
10/17/15 17:55
According to the head of state, this proves they just want to remain in power
10/16/15 21:06
When addressing to Pridnestrovian citizens on Pridnestrovie's First Channel, the president touched upon a buildup of tensions in the neighbouring countries