How can foreign journalists get accreditation in Pridnestrovie?

How can foreign journalists get accreditation in Pridnestrovie?


Как иностранным журналистам получить аккредитацию в Приднестровье?


Accreditation of foreign journalists

Foreign journalists going for the purpose of work in Pridnestrovie should receive accreditation in the State Media Service. Accreditation can be of two types: short-term (necessary if it is planned to cover a specific event or journalists intend to stay in the country for a short period of time) and long-term (issued for one year with the possibility of extension).

In order to receive short-term accreditation, the editors of the media or an independent freelance journalist must send a statement to the civil service. This can be done by email ( or by fax: (+373 533) 6-07-02.

The document should indicate the full name of the foreign media, its informational orientation (political, economic, social, sports, etc.), location of the editorial office (representative office), distribution region, postal address, telephone and fax numbers of the editorial office, electronic communication tools (if it is available) - e-mail, ICQ, etc.

Also the application should reflect the surname, name, patronymic (if the patronymic is used) and the position of journalist(s), the purpose of the editorial assignment, the term of accreditation.

The application must be submitted no later than 30 days before the supposed start of the accreditation, and the State Media Service, in turn, must report the results of the consideration no later than two days before the start of the accreditation. In case of accreditation refusal, the reasons must be reported.

Accreditation may be denied if the application contains incorrect data, a foreign state media or a journalist disseminated information that does not correspond to reality, degrades the honor and dignity of citizens, damages the business reputation of Pridnestrovian organizations, the interests of Pridnestrovie, as well as false or distorted information, that can harm friendly relations between states; the journalist carried out activities in the PMR without having received accreditation earlier; the journalist was previously deprived of accreditation on the territory of PMR.

A foreign journalist may be deprived of accreditation in case he does not comply with current legislation; journalist or his foreign media posts information that is prohibited for dissemination (propaganda of narcotic and psychotropic substances, information aimed at violent overthrow of the state system, justifying terrorist acts, inciting racial, national, religious enmity, etc.)

Long-term accreditation of journalists

It is more difficult to achieve long-term accreditation than a short-term one. To do this the media should create its own official agency in Pridnestrovie, registered as a separate legal entity. In addition to the information provided for obtaining short-term accreditation, you will also need to collect an additional set of documents.

These are: a certificate about composition of employees who will work in the Pridnestrovian representative office, a certificate of state registration of legal entity or an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate Rights or a copy of a tenancy agreement, a certificate from the tax inspection.

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