The President held a meeting with war veterans defenders of Pridnestrovie

04/04/24 12:57

The President held a meeting with war veterans defenders of Pridnestrovie

Meeting of the PMR President and the leadership of public organizations that unite and represent the interests of the defenders of Pridnestrovie was held at the presidential executive office. The Republican Union and regional divisions were represented. The discussion was attended by the Chairman of the Government of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Alexander Rosenberg, the head of the legislature of the republic Alexander Korshunov, and the heads of a number of ministries and departments.

They discussed the state of affairs in the country and the situation abroad, exchanged views on the most pressing issues that concern the defenders of Pridnestrovie and all its residents. They talked about agriculture and the need for systematic support for local producers of agro-industrial products, about natural resources and mechanisms for their effective use within the country. They told about the work carried out by the state and social activists on military-patriotic education. Various aspects directly related to the activities of unions and specific problems faced by specific defenders were discussed. The range of topics touched upon by the interlocutors is wide: preferential lending, housing issues, compensation of Soviet deposits, payment of land shares, gasification of individual premises, allocation of vouchers for sanatorium treatment and medicines, medical care.

A number of protocol instructions were given after the discussion.


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