The towns and districts of the republic social infrastructure renewal and development is under constant presidential control

03/06/24 14:09

The towns and districts of the republic social infrastructure renewal and development is under constant presidential control

Vadim Krasnoselsky, accompanied by the head of the Bendery state administration, visited the central city hospital. The intensive care unit is being renovated. The corridors and bathrooms are being repaired. The heating system and electrical system were updated. Window and door units were replaced. The chambers were previously renovated. Current work is expected to be completed by the end of March. Vadim Krasnoselsky talked with the staff. Reforms, increasing wages, and providing the healthcare system with personnel were discussed.

Another facility of the Ministry of Healthcare that the President paid attention to was the Outpatient Care Center in Bendery. There is a major renovation going on here. 3.8 million rubles have been allocated. A significant amount of interior work has been completed. The building forefront needs updating. They discussed the possible shift and expansion of the parking lot at the clinic and the improvement of the area adjacent to the medical facility.

The PMR President visited the Memorial of Military Glory in Bendery. This is a significant object. The defenders of Bendery, who died during the liberation of the city from the German-Romanian invaders, are buried here. Created in the form of an open pantheon the memorial was erected on the site of the mass grave in 1964. Participants in the inspection tour discussed the upcoming work here. It is necessary to update the steps and tile covering, and restore the slabs. Vadim Krasnoselsky voiced his proposals regarding the upcoming reconstruction. The President considers it important to immortalize the names of the defenders so that every visitor to the memorial can read them and remember the heroes by name.

Led by the President delegation was on the Bendery embankment today. The global reconstruction of Oktyabrsky Park continues. Three million rubles have been allocated under the state capital investment program this year. The old rides are now being dismantled. They will be replaced by a new entertainment complex for children. The park stage area will be updated. A sports town will be built. There are two sectors – children's and adults. A new place will be chosen for its placement most likely, where the kiddie roadtrain ran. The attraction itself will be moved to another microdistrict of Bendery.

The improvement of Alexander Nevsky Park also continues. Work is currently underway on the area to the left of the citadel. Vadim Krasnoselsky and Roman Ivanchenko discussed future plans.

There are innovations in the park temple as well. Internal work has been carried out. The walls of the Alexander Nevsky Church are now trimmed at the bottom with rare type of sandstone.

The President gave a number of recommendations and instructions upon completion of the inspection tour. The renewal and development of the social infrastructure of towns and districts of the republic is under constant presidential control.


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