The President took part in the work of the Collegium of the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs

02/06/24 14:03

The President took part in the work of the Collegium of the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs

The PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs held an extended meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky took part in the work. The main issue is summing up the results of activities for 2023. The minister announced the reporting information.

Vitaly Neagu focused on the fact that the personnel of the department he headed were actively involved in measures to ensure law and order within the established level of terrorist threat, providing assistance to refugees from Ukraine, eliminating the consequences of emergencies of a natural and man-made nature, protecting public order during mass events due to the special circumstances of the reporting period.

A separate block of the report is the crime situation. 2709 crimes were registered (12.6% less than year before) in 2023. There are 432 serious, 161 especially serious, 175 committed in public places. The overall detection rate is 80.9% in completed criminal cases. 100% detection rate for crimes such as rape, extortion, abuse of power.

247 crimes were identified during the reporting period in the area of combating illicit trafficking in drugs and psychotropic substances, 82 of which involved sales. 18 cases of drug smuggling were recorded. All drug trafficking comes from Moldova. Two online stores involved in the sale of narcotic drugs were liquidated. Preventive work has been intensified, including among young people: militia officers conducted 210 lectures, which were attended by 5973 students.

Vitaly Neagu focused on some high-profile cases, and noted the increased level of interaction with the Investigative Committee of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. The Minister considers it necessary to intensify efforts to identify persons put on the wanted list and to strengthen the coordinating and supervising role of criminal investigation units aimed at preventing, suppressing and solving crimes, including those committed in previous years.

The public security militia solved 1018 crimes and detained 297 wanted people.

The relevant departments identified 309 economic crimes. This figure is lower than in 2022, while the number of identified cases of theft through misappropriation or embezzlement, as well as on a particularly large scale, has noticeably increased. The number of established facts of violation of tax legislation is 56.3% more than a year earlier. Fewer reported cases of bribery and illegal business activities.

93 crimes – sale of counterfeit money. Five criminal cases are related to non-compliance with land, water or forest and subsoil legislation. The cases of non-compliance with cash discipline were identified (46 reports of administrative violations were drawn up) as part of control activities. Six criminal cases based on the results of inspections initiated by the President of the execution of the cost estimates of state development programs, including the Capital Investment Fund, were initiated. The militia raid practice is common in the field of passenger transportation. One criminal case was initiated as a result of the raids last year. Particular attention was paid to the suppression and detection of corruption. 18 criminal cases were initiated along this line against 17 militia officers in 2023.

The speaker spoke about the activities of the Department of Forensic Expertise, saying that specialists examined 3720 accident sites and conducted over 20600 examinations and studies in 2023. The department's innovation is forensic psychological examination. It has been held since December last year. Vitaly Neagu informed about the acquisition of specialized equipment and information and reference system. Remotely piloted aircrafts are actively used in work.

Employees of the Emergency Situations Department responded to calls 4804 times. 35 people were rescued, 21 of whom were rescued while extinguishing the fires. 282 fires occurred in the republic during the year, causing material damage of 6.6 million rubles in total. Material assets worth 22 million rubles were saved in this case. Vitaly Neagu drew attention to the systematic training of emergency rescue service employees. 164 fire-tactical exercises were conducted during the year. New training modules have been put into operation. Jet skis were purchased to patrol the coastline. Measures are being taken to renew the vehicle fleet. Rescue specialists are trained at the Slobodzeya Polytechnic College to resolve the personnel issue. The second graduation took place in 2023.

Talking about the state of affairs in the road transport sector, Vitaly Neagu said that 126 road accidents were registered in the republic, in which 13 people died and 134 were injured in 2023. The figures are lower than in 2022. The most common types of traffic accidents are pedestrian collisions (40 accidents and five fatalities) and vehicle collisions (39 accidents, one fatality). 88% of accidents (111 facts) occurred due to the fault of drivers. The Minister spoke about preventive work, as well as the improvement of legislation in the field of ensuring road safety and the launch of the “Road Accident Accounting” program, which makes it possible to identify the places of the highest concentration of accidents and respond accordingly to the situation. The traffic militia department initiated the equipment of pedestrian crossings with additional lighting. The Safe City system works effectively. It is noted that about 500 crimes have been solved over five years, and 260 thousand traffic violations have been identified with its help. The system is being improved. For example, automatic 24-hour photo and video recording systems for road accidents have been installed in the capital.

Vitaly Neagu focused on the issue of temporary stay in the republic of citizens who came from Ukraine. He recalled the prevention of the crime that was being prepared against officials of Pridnestrovie. He said that there were 15 reports of allegedly planted explosive devices in 2023. Vitaly Neagu emphasized that the personnel of the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs serve at checkpoints, keep 76 important life support facilities under special control, and strengthen posts at 36 facilities. All this does not cancel the implementation of current official tasks.

The Minister spoke about the work of the Directorate for Migration, the activities of the Youth Institute, the cadet corps, the Russian Military Academy, the Dynamo Center, the summer health and sports complex, the Mikron center for creative innovation, and the orchestra. He paid attention to infrastructural changes, advanced training and professional training of militia officers, interdepartmental interaction, work with citizens and the participation of future and current law enforcement officers in public life and charitable activities, the use of new technologies and the achievements of militia officers in various fields. Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs became winners of the “Person of the Year 2023” competition in the categories “Innovation and Modernization” and “For Service to the Fatherland”. The issue of staffing did not go unnoticed by the head of the department. The outflow of specialists has been reduced. The staffing level of the departments of the ministry is 69.2% today. A Personnel Center has been created under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Increased attention is paid to providing employees with housing. Vitaly Neagu recalled the ongoing construction of a cottage complex of 11 three-story houses with 132 apartments, the majority of which will be owned by law enforcement officers. Construction and installation work was completed by 89%, finishing work by 54%. This is the 12th housing project in which the Ministry of Internal Affairs is taking part.

The Minister of Internal Affairs emphasized that the ministry is attentive to the study of public opinion regarding the quality of work of law enforcement services. A sociological survey was conducted in all towns and regions of the republic in April and November. About 80% of respondents gave a positive assessment of the activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The PMR Prosecutor took the floor at the end of the reporting part of the meeting. Anatoly Guretsky noted the commonality of goals and objectives of the two departments when using various tools. He called colossal the volume of diverse work carried out by militia officers. He emphasized at the same time that his official duty and professional duty is to control and identify shortcomings and shortcomings in the work in order to eliminate them and increase the efficiency of activities. Anatoly Guretsky gave specific examples and facts and voiced recommendations.

The President set the tasks for the law enforcement agency. He emphasized that the republic retains a yellow level of terrorist danger. Law enforcement officers will continue to work under these conditions. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted the contribution of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the prevention of terrorist acts, the implementation of which was planned by criminals on the territory of Pridnestrovie. The President mentioned the “Safe City” system, the presence of which also helped prevent terrorist attacks. The President considers it necessary to further develop and modernize this system. The preventive role of photo and video recording is also important, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized.

One of the presidential instructions: to study the possibility of purchasing 10 cars for the needs of the patrol service. Their presence will improve the efficiency of the traffic militia. The State Traffic Inspectorate was ordered to intensify its work on monitoring accident-prone road sections at the same time. There are shortcomings regarding the timely replacement of road signs, according to the President.

Another area that requires increased attention is the system for alerting Ministry of Internal Affairs personnel, officials and citizens about emergency situations. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that he welcomes the constant improvement of modern technical means and methods of information, but it is necessary to be prepared in case of a lack of communication. The President considers it necessary to think through various options and conduct appropriate training.

Current realities require strengthening control over compliance with procurement legislation in the economic sphere, noted Vadim Krasnoselsky.

The President noted the contribution of the Tiraspol Law Institute, speaking about the professional training of specialists for the law enforcement sector. The President spoke about the advisability of holding joint training courses for investigators, interrogators and operatives, and outlined the need to train personnel in the UAV Operator specialty . Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized the prospects of using drones in law enforcement.

The President ordered to strengthen administrative responsibility - to increase the amount of penalties, to effectively solve problems associated with unauthorized waste disposal. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers such an offense to be exclusively intentional, and therefore requiring appropriate punishment.

The President recommended that the PMR Prosecutor’s Office conduct selective listening of calls received at number “102” in order to increase the level of interaction with citizens and improve the quality of work of the personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They are all recorded.

Vadim Krasnoselsky focused on the improvement of the legal framework regulating issues related to bringing to justice citizens driving vehicles while intoxicated with alcohol or drugs. They discussed the prevention of drug trafficking offenses. Instructions were given to continue holding lectures and conversations with students in grades 9-11 and students of mid-level vocational education institutions. The participation of the media in this work will need to be intensified.

The PMR President recognized the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2023 as satisfactory in general, expressing gratitude to the personnel for their service.


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