Inspection of social facilities under repair in Grigoriopol

09/19/23 13:53

Inspection of social facilities under repair in Grigoriopol

The President's working day began in Grigoriopol. Vadim Krasnoselsky met with the head of the local state administration. They discussed current issues, off-site meeting was preferred to office communication. A rowing base was among the inspected facilities. Repair and construction works are underway here according to the Capital investment program. 4.7 million rubles have been allocated from the Capital investment fund this year. A new boathouse has already been built. It is designed for 62 boats. There are currently 41 units in stock. There are very old copies and new, modern ones. A place has also been thought out for a coaching boat, recently donated by the President. 35 people are studying trained at the base of Grigoriopol, but there are many more people who want to train. They could not increase the number of sportsmen previously due to cramped conditions and a shortage of sport equipment. The girls who wanted to take up rowing had to be turned away, since there were no locker rooms, showers, or restrooms equipped for them. A new building will be erected soon in which all these premises will be located, on the site of the old, dilapidated building in which the boats were stored. Vadim Krasnoselsky inspected the updated infrastructure and discussed future plans with the district leadership and coaches. The delegation went to the water. There was talk here about building a pier. Local shallow waters were noted, requiring dredging for optimal boat movement away from shore. The land falls off here towards the Dniester, it is extremely inconvenient and unsafe, especially during the rainy season. Participants of the offsite meeting discussed options for its arrangement.

They talked in the course of the meeting about the prospects for the development of rowing and recalled the times of its origin and formation in Grigoriopol region. Rowing began to be cultivated here as an amateur sport in the early 60s of the last century, but active development did not follow at that time due to the lack of professional coaches. This direction was raised to a professional level by Mikhail Mitkovsky, who put a team together and provided it with the necessary sports equipment in 1985. His students are multiple champions of various championships of the MSSR and the USSR. The 90s were difficult at times for Grigoriopol rowing. Roman Bushtyuk gave a new impetus to its development, among whose achievements was the training of Olympic medalists. His students continue coaching, noting that interest in rowing has increased noticeably. This is due both to the improvement of sports infrastructure and the re-equipment of the rowing base, and to the internal policy of the state aimed at the development of mass sports, rowing in particular.

The PMR President being on the working visit to Grigoriopol visited kindergarten Number 25 “Golden Cockerel”. The surrounding area was put in order here as in many educational institutions of the republic this year. 2300 square meters of the kindergarten yard are covered with tiles. The funding amounted to almost a million rubles. According to the head of the kindergarten Lyudmila Bardier, the institution was built on the site of the private sector. The basements of the houses that used to stand here made their presence felt: the surface was dotted with dips and irregularities. Now the picture is radically different. The perimeter of the kindergarten is well-groomed and comfortable for children and staff. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked what the capacity of the kindergarten is. A typical building with a total area of 4653 square meters is designed for 14 groups (320 children). There are 225 children at the institution now. Music and sports halls, a catering unit, offices for a speech therapist, a psychologist, and medical workers have been designed in addition to the groups. The PMR President was interested in staffing. The team consists of 59 people, 25 of which are teachers, 17 assistant teachers, 5 kitchen workers, 1 physician.

They discussed what work still needs to be done. Vadim Krasnoselsky was told that the roof, water supply and sewerage of the educational institution are in good condition, but the heating system, floors and windows require replacement. The head of the district informed that some of the window blocks were replaced in 2020, the rest – in the future. Oleg Gabuzha noted that funds for these purposes will be used from the local budget.


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