The President visited Bendery with inspection tour

09/13/23 12:31

The President visited Bendery with inspection tour

The President's working morning began with an inspection visit to Bendery. Panin Street was visited by Vadim Krasnoselsky, accompanied by the head of the city administration. There are road repair works going on there. Roman Ivanchenko explained why the condition of the roadway platform constantly caused criticism and required attention. The fact is that the 30-40 centimeter asphalt surface lay on the ground without a specialized substrate. The roadway surface became deformed when heavy vehicles and road-trains were allowed to use this area. The soil has been sampled at the preparatory stage. About 65 centimeters were removed. The recess will be filled with a sand and gravel mixture. It is planned to use more than two thousand cubic meters of sand and gravel mixture. The cars will have to make about 250 trips, said Roman Ivanchenko. The next layer is crushed stone. At least 800 cubic meters of crushed stone will be needed. Afterwards, the base is stabilized with cement and two layers of asphalt are laid on top of it. This section of the road will require 1300 tons of asphalt concrete. The head of the city is confident that this technology will allow the road to be used without the need to repair it for at least a decade. The President asked whether the storm drainage system had been thought out, noting that precipitation has a destructive effect on the road surface. The system has been overhauled, the head of the city informed. A roadway with an area of 410 m by 11.9 m is currently undergoing repairs. It is planned to put in order two entrances to this site. At the same time, road repair work is underway in Tamara Kruchok and Industrialnaya streets.

Vadim Krasnoselsky aimed at prompt completion of the work, emphasizing that so far the weather conditions are conducive to the process. Another aspect that the President focused on was compliance with safety regulations when carrying out road work.

Another global road infrastructure project on an urban scale is the reconstruction of Sovetskaya Street. There are actively used both vehicular and pedestrian routes here. Paving of the territory is at the final stage. Building facades are being updated. Parking places have been thought out. The facility is planned to be put into operation by City Day. Vadim Krasnoselsky drew attention to the transitions from sidewalks to roadways. They should not be stair-stepped, but sloping – to create the most barrier-free environment. There is a similar requirement for the embankment, which the President also inspected today. The PMR President emphasized that if the project involves the presence of flights of stairs, then there must be thought out descents for wheelchair users and ramps along them.

The presidential delegation walked from Oktyabrsky Park (embankment) to the nearby gymnasium number 1. Preparations are underway for the improvement of an outdoor sports ground. Physical education classes are held on the territory adjacent to the educational institution, part of which has been allocated as an area for team sports. The reconstructed sector will be filled with equipment for workout classes, a tennis table and a gazebo will be installed in the near future. The President gave instructions to think over benches and pave the path leading along the site under construction from the school to the embankment.


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