The President held an expanded meeting on the draft budget for 2024

09/05/23 12:04

The President held an expanded meeting on the draft budget for 2024

A big working discussion took place today on the draft of the main financial document of the country for the coming year. The meeting, organized via videoconference, was chaired by the President. More than fifty officials representing state authorities and local self-government were invited to the conversation. The main speakers were the Chairman of the Government of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Alexander Rosenberg and the head of the Ministry of Finance Alena Ruskevich. The meeting participants were presented with the main parameters of the future budget, based on the figures for 2023. It was noted that the revenue side is expected to decrease by 558 million rubles compared to 2023. The unmet need for funds for the implementation of development programs prescribed in the project makes 180 million. The project size of the Capital Investment Fund 2024 is 275 million. Financing of salaries of state employees is expected to be at the level of the current period, with the exception of a small number of separately identified categories. Options for saving public funds are being discussed. For example, 17 million is a reduction in the cost of paying for communications and utilities by state authorities (we are talking about a practical reduction in consumption). The cost of purchasing housing for orphans is planned to be larger than this year.

The financing of the life of specific cities and regions was discussed in the second part of the meeting. The aspects that raise questions of any of the parties were pointed out.

Work on the law-in-draft continues. Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that the primary tasks are the fulfillment by the state of social obligations and ensuring the operation of development programs.


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