The commemorative events continued

06/19/23 11:14

The commemorative events continued

The fallen defenders of Pridnestrovie and all whose lives were cut short by the undeclared war of 1992 memory was honored in the course of the mourning meeting at the Borisov cemetery in Bendery. The clergy of the Tiraspol-Dubossary diocese, headed by Archbishop Sawa, held a funeral litiya. The President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic laid flowers at the monument to the PMR defenders, installed on the Alley of Heroes, and at the stone slabs of the graves of the defenders of the republic buried here. Their names sounded today at the cemetery, echoing in the hearts of grateful compatriots.

Flower laying ceremonies were held today in Echin Street, where a memorial sign was erected and a chapel was built in honor of the militiamen, guards and militiamen who died on April 1, 1992 while defending the city from Moldovan nationalists, as well as at the intersection of Suvorov and Lenin streets. There is a cross on the wall of one of the Bendery high-rise buildings, reminiscent of the feat of the Cossacks who died defending the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.


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