The President was informed about the Pridnestrovie history website creation progress

03/15/23 12:26

The President was informed about the Pridnestrovie history website creation progress

The creation of a thematic site that would provide detailed and accessible information about the history of the Pridnestrovian region in all its richness and diversity is the instruction of the President. The responsible agency is the Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media. The Minister of Digital Development Sergey Babenko and his deputy, responsible for information policy in the media Maxim Kravets informed today Vadim Krasnoselsky about the work carried out.

The project was discussed with various experts at the preliminary stage, and the experience of other countries was studied. Specialists from the State University and the Ministry of Education, historians, museum staff, and media representatives joined the work. A working group was created on the basis of "The Pridnestrovie" newspaper. Practical implementation began in September last year. The basis of the site is ready at present. Approximately 260 informational materials have been uploaded. The articles of the Historical Atlas of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic were taken as a basis at the initial stage. They were supplemented with works that were published at different times in the republican newspaper, prepared by journalists of the News of Pridnestrovie news agency, aired on Radio-1 and the First Pridnestrovian TV Channel. The future site contains at the moment 42 publications about the Great Patriotic War, 40 – devoted to the repulsion of Moldovan aggression by Pridnestrovians, 29 – the formation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, 13 – the history of the MASSR, 22 – archeology, 20 – Russian-Turkish wars. If you detail from the point of view of time periods, then most of the articles tell about the history of modern Pridnestrovie, approximately fifty – about the Pridnestrovian region in Soviet times, two dozen – about the times of the Russian Empire. The President was told that the least amount of information about medieval Pridnestrovie has been formalized into journalistic articles. The logo of the site is a wall symbolizing the frontier of civilizations, at the junction of which in different eras there was the Pridnestrovian land, and the multinational people living on it.

It was noted that a separate element on the site will be placed "The Book of Memory of those killed in the defense of the Fatherland". The necessary data will be provided by the Ministry of Defense of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. The developers of the new Internet resource closely cooperate with the archival service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. The heading of the historical portal is thought out in such a way that both illustrated texts and videos and infographics are freely available. Multimedia and modern content design is an important requirement for developers. It is planned in the future to post video lectures and audio books of a historical orientation on the site.

The development and initial filling of the "Pridnestrovian Historical Portal" information website is almost completed, the PMR President was informed. Vadim Krasnoselsky gave a number of recommendations and instructions related to further work on the site, thanking and appreciating the work done.


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