Harvesting progress was discussed in the course of the meeting under the President

07/18/22 12:02

Harvesting progress was discussed in the course of the meeting under the President

The heads of state administrations of the agricultural regions of the republic informed the President about the current situation with the harvest on the ground. 

The general picture of the republic was presented by the Chairman of the Government of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Alexander Rosenberg. He said that the percentage of grain and leguminous crops harvested today is 33.7%: 40000 out of 119000 hectares have been harvested. Winter crop yields: wheat - 29.1 centners per hectare, barley – 29.3 centners per hectare, triticale - 34.4 centners per hectare. 30% of spring wheat (yield 25.4 c/ha) and spring barley (27.8 c/ha) were harvested from the fields. At the final stage, peas were harvested: 91.4% were harvested from the fields, the yield indicator was 22 q/ha. Rapeseed was harvested – 72.4% of the area, yield data – 24.6 q/ha. Mustard harvesting is gaining momentum. To date, 14% of the land sown with this crop has been harvested. The harvest campaign in the vegetable sector is in full swing. 38% harvested vegetable – cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and garlic. They haven't started harvesting carrots yet.

A larger percentage of agricultural land has been harvested in the south; in the north, the harvesting campaign is only gaining momentum, the Government Chairman noted.

Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the equipment working in the fields. There are 164 combine harvesters in service. 119 units of harvesting equipment were involved last week.


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