The situation with the implementation of budget obligations and issues of supporting the economy were discussed in the course of the meeting under the President

05/13/22 12:23

The situation with the implementation of budget obligations and issues of supporting the economy were discussed in the course of the meeting under the President

The PMR President held a meeting with the heads of the presidential executive office, the PMR Government, the Supreme Council. Ministers of the socio-economic and legislators representing relevant parliamentary committees were invited to the working discussion. The main issue was the fulfillment of budgetary obligations. The country's fundamental financial documents adopted at the end of last year – the laws on the budget and on the Unified State Social Insurance Fund are being adjusted based on the emerging realities. Both the coronavirus pandemic and geopolitical events taking place outside the republic have a negative impact on the economy of Pridnestrovie. The tasks set by the President to fulfill social obligations to citizens and develop measures to support business entities and the population are being fulfilled.

It was noted in the course of the meeting that the revenues of the pension fund exceeded the expenditures for the first time in many years. A reserve has been formed for the payment of vacation pay to teachers. The plan to fill the republican treasury is still being fulfilled. More inertially based on the backlog of last year, the revenue part of the budget is in line with the planned indicators for the four months of 2022. Overfulfillment was recorded in some areas. Shortfall - mainly through the State Customs Committee, informed the Chairman of the Government of the PMR Alexander Martynov. It is possible to maintain the income-expenditure balance due to the suspension or reduction in the volume of state development programs, including the Capital Investment Fund 2022. Only those facilities are being repaired and built on which work was started in previous periods or infrastructure that requires urgent intervention.

Taking into consideration the serious limitation of foreign trade relations, the change in the logistics of import supplies and exports of Pridnestrovian products and the sagging production while maintaining the current scenario will lead to a loss of annual income in the amount of 589 million rubles. The predicted decline in the Pridnestrovian economy in 2022 is 17-20%, Alexander Martynov said. He noted at the same time that the sequestration of development programs will make it possible to carve out about 642 million rubles to cover shortfalls in income, that is Pridnestrovie will have resources for the state to fulfill all social obligations.

Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about progress in the development and adoption of measures to support citizens and businesses during this crisis period. The legislations have been developed and are under consideration by the Supreme Council. Three large meetings were held with the participation of all interested parties, including the business community during March-April. The relevant parliamentary committee met yesterday, during which representatives of the Union of Industrialists Agrarians and Entrepreneurs of Pridnestrovie noted that the opinion of economic agents was heard and taken into account, said Viktor Guzun, Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance. He said that the plenary session, at which the deputies will decide on the government package of anti-crisis measures, is scheduled for May 18. It was noted that amendments to the document will be made based on the development of the situation.

The President focused on the work of large Pridnestrovian enterprises, the most dependent on exports in the Eurasian direction. The speech in particular was about the factories "Moldavkabel", "Pribor", "BMZ" and "Electromash". Their products in the production volumes characteristic of enterprises are less in demand within the republic. Each team is unique at the same time. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the state should provide assistance to the factory administration in order to maintain the personnel potential of the republic's scientific and industrial enterprises. It is imperative that measures be thought out and implemented to help factories pay wages and other benefits to employees during the downtime. Concessional lending is provided as a support tool to cover cash gaps and state subsidies for the fulfillment of relevant loan obligations.

The PMR President directed the industrialists and the Government to reorient the production process: in the current circumstances, the emphasis should be placed on the manufacture of products that are in demand on the domestic market. The President assigns an important role to the state order.


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