COVID vaccination: live information

03/21/22 12:22

COVID vaccination: live information

The vaccination progress was discussed in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters for prevention of the spread of coronavirus. The chief sanitary doctor of the republic Natalya Beril recalled that the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 began in Pridnestrovie on the 29th of March, 2021. During the year, 142840 people were covered by immunization. This is 30.7% of the country's population. The indicator is lower than in Lithuania and Latvia for example, where more than 70% of the population is vaccinated, in Russia and Belarus (almost half of the citizens were vaccinated in these countries), in Romania (42.5%) and Ukraine (36.9%) , but higher than in neighboring Moldova, where 26.1% of citizens received the vaccine.

The best indicator in the territory of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is in Dnestrovsk (46.2% were vaccinated). 39.1% of Tiraspol residents were vaccinated against COVID-19 in the capital. 28% of citizens underwent immunization in Bendery. Less than a quarter of the population received vaccinations in other regions of the republic.

It was noted that Pridnestrovians were provided with vaccinations from seven manufacturers. Voluntary for citizens is not only the decision to vaccinate, but also the choice of an immunobiological preparation. The republic received 521195 doses in total: 282000 Russian vaccines were purchased for residents of the republic by the Sheriff company, 239195 doses of other vaccines were humanitarian aid through the WHO. That is, 46% was purchased (the cost is 32675025 rubles), 54% was provided free of charge (to the amount of 49911377 rubles). Immunization for residents of the republic was carried out free of charge regardless of the chosen vaccine. Currently available: Pfizer - 9000 doses, Sinovac - 22480, Moderna - 226, AstraZeneca - 420, Sputnik V (first component) - 29000, Sputnik V (second component) - 32000 pcs.

They once again drew attention at the meeting to the fact that the coronavirus vaccine has a limited shelf life. If vaccine is not used before its expiration, it is disposed of. At the same time, it is important to understand that no one will undertake to predict when new deliveries will be possible in the current circumstances. Those who wish to be vaccinated should not postpone the procedure.


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