The President was informed about the main indicators of the life of the Rybnitsa district at the end of 2021

02/25/22 16:07

The President was informed about the main indicators of the life of the Rybnitsa district at the end of 2021

A series of reporting meetings under the President continues. The Head of state administration of the Rybnitsa district and the city of Rybnitsa made a report today.

Viktor Tyagay said that the population of the Rybnitsa region at the end of last year was 66280 people (43408 urban residents, 22872 rural residents). The migration increase is 217 people. 434 children were born. 351 marriages and 215 divorces were registered (both figures are close to 2020 statistics).

The budget received 256.2 million rubles during the year (3.4% more than planned). 82% of the amount (195.4 million) is own income. The largest taxpayers: MMZ, RCP, Sheriff. Annual regional expenses – 242.2 million rubles, more than 177 million of these were directed to finance socially protected items, including 165 million – wages to public sector employees. There are no debts in this direction.

The volume of production (excluding small businesses) in monetary terms amounted to 7.2 billion rubles (3.2 billion more than a year earlier). The main contribution belongs to the Moldovan Metallurgical Plant that produced products worth 6.5 billion rubles (twice as much as in 2020). The cement plant in the reporting period produced 3.4% less than in 2020. The number of individual entrepreneurs increased by 256 units (5523 registered patent holders). The number of legal entities in the Rybnitsa region remained at the level of 2020 – 1211.

Speaking about the transport system of the district, Viktor Tyagay said that the city network is represented by 14 regular routes, public transport runs along 15 routes connecting various settlements in addition. Almost 1.5 million passenger transportations were carried out during the year. There are two social routes. Representatives of privileged categories of citizens used public transport almost 105 thousand times on a gratuitous basis. The amount of the loss reimbursed from the local budget to the carrier organization amounted to 406 thousand rubles.

61 legal entities and 588 peasant farms were employed in the reporting year in the crop sector of the agro-industrial complex of the Rybnitsa region. The planned sowing works have been completed by 100%. 8 organizations and 13 peasant farms were involved in the production of livestock products. There was a slight increase in the number of cattle and pigs, as well as a noticeable increase by 70% in the number of birds. A decrease in livestock was recorded in the field of sheep and goat breeding. Increased indicators of milk production, said the Head of the district.

Victor Tyagay focused on the implementation of the main municipal programs, there are four programs. The total amount is 7.9 million. The speaker told what the funds were spent on. Numerous schools and kindergartens are listed, the types of work for which money was allocated were named. It was noted that attention was also paid to objects of culture and sports. Among them there are cultural, leisure and youth centers, clubs, urban and rural recreation centers, the A. Rubinshtein Museum in Vykhvatintsy, the Rybnitsa stadium, a sports school, a swimming pool, and a rowing base. Financing of road works exceeded 20 million rubles. Another half a million spent on the arrangement of parking lots. Leisure infrastructure was updated in the center of Rybnitsa, in the city park and in the Naberezhny park along Valchenko street. Everywhere, work was carried out on the installation of small architectural forms - benches, structures of vertical flower beds, gazebos, street lighting devices. According to the state program of the Capital Investment Fund 2021, 17.7 million rubles were allocated to the Rybnitsa district. It included the central square (5.5 million) and the park named after Kirov adjacent to it for example (1.8 million). Almost 12000 square meters of paving slabs have been laid at these facilities. The construction of fountains, the installation of benches, lanterns, and urns have also been financed. Work on the reconstruction and equipping of the Yubileiny sports complex continued. The speaker reminded about an important event for the people of Rybnitsa last year - the opening of a 20-meter stele in honor of the Archangel Michael.

The Head of the Rybnitsa administration said that sanitary facilities have been repaired and equipped in several educational institutions. 28 window blocks were replaced in the Republican Clinical Hospital, and another 839 in the common areas of apartment buildings. The speaker also named numerous addresses where children's playgrounds, sports, walking and leisure zones appeared. Repair work was carried out along the line of the housing stock. Attention is paid to the roofs and entrances of high-rise buildings.

Speaking about social policy, Viktor Tyagai noted that six young families from Rybnitsa received in 2021 preferential (at 1%) loans of 100 thousand rubles for the purchase of housing. 25 residential premises are provided for temporary use. Orphans have been allocated seven apartments. 117 thousand rubles were allocated to provide material assistance to those in need.

Separately, the Head focused on what constitutes the educational sphere. There are three dozen kindergartens and 35 schools in the Rybnitsa region. The network of cultural institutions includes 27 clubs, music and art schools, two art schools, 26 libraries, 11 museums. Most of the 1639 events scheduled for 2021 were held online. The reason is pandemic restrictions. The sports direction of the Rybnitsa region is represented in the region by three sports schools (1230 pupils) and a teenage center in which 82 young Rybnitsa residents go in for 14 sports.

The speaker was addressed clarifying questions. They asked, for example, whether it would be possible to install a canopy on the building of kindergarten No. 25. Its absence leads to the destruction of the walls. Victor Tyagay said that it is planned to allocate funds for this object from the carry-over balance of the previous year. Another question from the deputies representing the interests of Rybnytsya in the Supreme Council: will there be a mini-football field along Valchenko Street. The President considers the request justified. According to Vadim Krasnoselsky, the approach to creating sports zones should be comprehensive. A park of the same name is being created on the embankment. A large amount of work has been carried out. Another 2.3 million rubles have been allocated this year. Physical culture locations have already been thought out. There are outdoor fitness equipment and a volleyball court. It is expedient to equip a field for football fans. Additional sources of funding are needed to speed up the process of landscaping. The meeting participants drew attention to such an aspect as the creation of parking lots near leisure zones.

The President mentioned another mini-football field in his speech. It will be built near the Yubileiny sports complex. This is an example of the very comprehensive approach that the President spoke about. The reconstructed and re-equipped sports complex will be expanded with an open-air area intended for team sports.

Vadim Krasnoselsky named other objects that are planned to be paid attention to this year. 3.5 million allocated to the swimming pool. The renewed bowl does not leak, Viktor Tyagay informed. Showers, changing rooms and the ventilation system will be renovated this year. The program of the Capital Investment Fund 2022 included the stadium of the village of Krasnenkoe and the sports ground of the boarding school, a kindergarten and two secondary schools. In the city park of Rybnitsa, the summer stage is being put in order. In addition, it is planned to organize an entertainment circuit. A platform for bumper cars is being prepared.

Serious work is to be carried out in the district hospital. It is necessary to repair the operating unit, the departments of surgery and purulent surgery, the therapeutic, neurological and cardiological departments.

The President recalled the importance of landscaping work. He also spoke about the organization of cultural events with the involvement of both local creative teams and guests from other towns and districts of the republic. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the leisure infrastructure being created should be actively involved. The PMR President focused on the topic of control over the prudent and efficient use of natural resources. The fulfillment of the tasks set by the Rybnitsa State Administration will be a continuation of the current activities in fact that at the end of 2021 were recognized by the President as satisfactory.


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