The President was informed about the results of the State Administration of the city of Bendery administration activities

02/08/22 18:50

The President was informed about the results of the State Administration of the city of Bendery administration activities

The meeting dedicated to the results of the activities of the State Administration of the city of Bendery was held. The reporting period is 2021. The speaker was the Head of the city Roman Ivanchenko. The information was heard and discussed by the PMR President, the Head of the PMR Presidential Administration, the chairmen of the Government, the Supreme and City Councils, as well as parliamentarians representing the interests of the people of Bendery in the legislature, they worked via videoconferencing.

Roman Ivanchenko recalled that the city's population is 82916 people, and the adjacent villages of Giska and Protyagailovka - 5801. City revenues in 2021 are 323.2 million rubles, including their own - 245.1 million. The figures are noticeably higher than in 2020. The costs have also risen. They amounted to 318.1 million in the reporting period (247.5 million a year earlier). Spending on the fulfillment of social obligations – is 61.3% of the expenditure side of the budget. The number of small business organizations remained at the level of 2020 – 719 entities. The number of patent holders decreased by two hundred and amounted to 5006 individual entrepreneurs in the reporting period. It was noted at the same time that new objects appear – retail, industrial, catering, sports. Roman Ivanchenko focused on the activities of the main municipal enterprises, outlining the current state of affairs, achievements, existing difficulties and plans.

Speaking about the housing and communal sector, the speaker said that window blocks were replaced in 256 entrances of residential buildings in Bendery, as part of a program initiated by the PMR President (the amount of costs is 3.5 million rubles). This is a quarter of those needed. Work in this direction will be continued. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers it possible to completely close this issue in the coming years.

Residents of Bendery respond to putting the stopping points in order with no less gratitude than the replacement of windows in the common areas of apartment buildings. 41 have already been updated, 77 public transport stops are waiting for repair. Work on the installation of one pavilion and tiling the adjacent territory costs 55000 rubles.

Roman Ivanchenko focused on significant investments in putting the Bendery roadway in order. 44 million rubles were allocated from the Road Fund in 2021 (for comparison: in 2020 – half as much). Taking into account the condition of many Bendery roads, the Head of the city asked not to reduce the volume of funding if possible. This issue is seen as especially relevant in the context of preparations for the 30th anniversary of the Bendery tragedy. The President supported the Head of Bendery, instructing to study the possibility of allocating additional funds. 

Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that attention should be paid not only to roads, but also to sidewalks. Roman Ivanchenko said that 13000 square meters of pavement were reconstructed as part of the targeted program in 2021. The President drew attention to the need to equip sidewalks along the entire length of the future walking route along Bendery. This project is being prepared. It was noted during the meeting that 1.4 million rubles were allocated to put in order the territories adjacent to educational and socio-cultural institutions in the reporting period. An important achievement of the past year is the overhaul of the overpass along Kotovsky and Panin streets with the expansion of some road sections. The costs exceeded 5 million rubles. The structures of the bridge near the "Floare" were reinforced.

The trolleybus department of Bendery is loss-making and subsidized so far. Nevertheless, it was possible to acquire several units of the new electric transport. The "Bendery Fortress" historical military memorial complex did not reach a profitable milestone in the reporting year. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic, which did not allow the facility to realize its potential. Taking into consideration the interest in the fortress, long-term plans are quite optimistic. Attractiveness for visitors will be added by the creation of an entertainment zone on the territory of the Nevsky Park. Attractions are selected in such a way that they are in demand not only among children, but also among the adult population. The expected opening date is the 1st of June this year.

Discussing progress in greening the city, Roman Ivanchenko noted that more than 1400 trees were demolished during the year – dry, emergency-dangerous, affected by bad weather. 2240 trees and shrubs were planted at the same time. That is, the ratio of liquidation to planting is one to one and a half, Roman Ivanchenko noted, emphasizing that Bendery are striving for the principle outlined by the President: two trees should be planted to replace an obsolete tree. This norm will be enshrined in the Forest Code of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Relevant law-in-draft is being prepared. If we talk about the total number of plantings in 2021, then we are talking about 8.5 thousand seedlings - coniferous, deciduous, shrubs, flowers. Vadim Krasnoselsky drew attention to vertical gardening, noting its advantages. The President considers that economic entities whose buildings are in full view should also be involved in the installation of flower structures. The issue of putting the facades in order, including residential buildings, was also discussed. Part of the work will be taken over by the city.

We are also talking about buildings that have been idle for decades. They discussed possibility of resuming the construction of residential cooperative houses, the boxes of which spoil the view of the city and pose a danger. They also talked about other objects - privatized, but not used. The President considers that if the owner is found to be in bad faith, the state should return such buildings to state property.

Discussing the issue of providing Bendery with housing, socially significant programs were also mentioned. Seven apartments for orphans were purchased in 2021, and five loans of 100000 rubles each at 1% per annum to young families to purchase their own housing were allocated.

They talked at the meeting about the construction of an access road to the Borisov cemetery, the repair of kindergartens, the improvement of the central part of the city, the reconstruction of the Liberation Square and the fountain near the House of Culture named after Pavel Tkachenko, the laying of the Solnechny square, the acquisition of new medical equipment for medical institutions and the strengthening of the material and technical base educational institutions.

The objects of Bendery included in the program of the Capital Investment Fund 2022 are: Oktyabrsky Park, the Memorial Museum of the Bendery Tragedy, the Bendery Fortress, Nevsky Park, the city beach, kindergartens No. 47 and No. 26, school No. 17 and dormitory premises.

Vadim Krasnoselsky mentioned the Turkish cellars recently discovered and requiring attention, he noted that a park was needed in the Severny microdistrict, reminded of the need to build a new boathouse for kayaks on the territory of the Rowing Center. Among the presidential instructions is the installation of a ramp at the entrance to the Solnechny square. The improvement of the recreation area opposite the Book House will continue. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky recommended expanding the area, along the perimeter of which there will be paths for fans of rollerblading and scooters. Resources are being sought to carry out work in the Bendery maternity hospital and polyclinic. The Memorial Museum of the Bendery Tragedy will be reconstructed on behalf of the PMR President by June 19. By the same date, another 50 monuments to the deceased defenders of Pridnestrovie (the Borisov cemetery) should be built. It is also planned to install flagpoles at the entrance to Bendery from Kishinev.

Concluding the meeting, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted a significant amount of work carried out last year in Bendery, expressing gratitude to everyone who was involved. The PMR President recognized the work of the state administration of Bendery in 2021 as satisfactory.


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