Vadim Krasnoselsky is on a working visit to the meat processing plant of Bendery

11/03/21 13:19

Vadim Krasnoselsky is on a working visit to the meat processing plant of Bendery

The Bendery industry is represented by 164 enterprises. One of the largest is CJSC “Meat Processing Plant of Bendery” (it is the second in terms of the volume of tax payments to the local budget). The meat processing plant was founded in 1944. The President was told today during his visit to the plant that applying new technologies, increasing the number of activities, expanding the assortment line, promptly responding to changes in gastronomic trends and consumer demands the company keeps up with the times, keeping the best production traditions. 450 items of food and related products are included to the production process. Approximately 500 tons of finished products come from shops to retail chains per month. Sales markets are not only local, exports are increasing. Frozen dough, pasta, quick-frozen vegetables, and animal feed is produced in addition to the main activity. A completely new production of laundry soap was started recently.


28 million rubles have been invested in the modernization of equipment and expansion of production during several years. An integrated approach contributes to efficiency. The meat processing plant of Bendery is an enterprise with a closed production cycle: livestock and crop production have become important components of its activities. A pig-breeding complex for 6000 heads has been created. Grain and technological crops are grown to provide a fodder base. 80% of the plant's land is under irrigation. 720 thousand euros were invested in irrigation equipment. Initiated by the President, the investment became possible thanks to the targeted preferential lending to agricultural producers for the development of the reclamation complex. A significant measure of state support is the cost of irrigation water fixed at a consistently low level – 70 kopecks per cubic meter, representatives of the enterprise noted today in an interview with Vadim Krasnoselsky. They emphasized that the diversified assistance of the state allows maintaining the prices at which the products are sold to the consumer. For example, the cost of chilled meat of the meat processing plant of Bendery is 15-18% lower than the market price, said general director of Bendery Meat Processing Plant Valentina Zubkova. She accompanied the PMR President to production workshops and other work premises. Vadim Krasnoselsky paid special attention to the laboratory. He asked what research was being carried out, what could be the reason for the rejection of the product, how the disposal proceeds, if necessary. He was interested in staffing (five specialists work in the laboratory). They also talked about the staff of the plant as a whole. The team has grown from 377 to 460 people during five years.


The issues of international certification and expansion of sales markets were discussed. The PMR President inspected the cutting and packing shops, a division that produces semi-finished products (in the range of 180 items). 200 types of products are made in the sausage shop.

Vadim Krasnoselsky asked if the company participates in the dual education program. The President was told that this mechanism of interaction with the specialized technical school is working and is bearing real results. In addition, the company annually accepts 3-4 year students from Pridnestrovian universities for industrial practice.

They focused on the topic of further prospects for the enterprise development. There are developments both in terms of expanding production and in increasing the number of types of products. Work is underway to improve the trading network. New sales markets are being explored. It was noted that the potential of the Meat Processing Plant of Bendery allows increasing imports without harming the domestic consumer. Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed confidence that while maintaining partnership relations between the enterprise and the state, the Meat Processing Plant of Bendery is capable of implementing even the most daring projects and long-term plans.


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