Tatiana Salkutsan has set a new record for Moldova

05/24/21 10:19

Tatiana Salkutsan has set a new record for Moldova

Pridnestrovian athlete distinguished herself at the European Swimming Championship

Tiraspol, May 24. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Tiraspol resident Tatiana Salkutsan finished her performance at the European Swimming Championship, which took place in Budapest from May 10 to 23. Top swimmers from all continents took part in the competition, so the fight for medals was very hard.

The Pridnestrovian athlete was registered in 4 types of the program, including the “mixed” team relay. However, Tatiana Salkutsan only showed a record result in the first races. Tiraspol resident has set a new record for Moldova - 29.23 at a distance of 50 m on the back.

Tatiana swam the 100-meter race in 1: 01.63. Salkutsan`s final distance at the European Championship was a two-hundred-meter race on the back. In the morning session, the Pridnestrovian swimmer showed a preliminary time of 2: 13.08 and advanced to the semifinals, where she took the final 12th place (2: 13.1).

At the end of the European voyage, the President of the Moldavian Water Sports Federation, Alexander Goryachev, suggested that the results of Tatiana Salkutsan "have dropped" due to a trip to the USA, where the athlete has recently been studying and training.

Tatiana Salkutsan is still the only representative of the Moldavian Olympic team in her sport. In the summer, the athlete from Tiraspol is preparing to perform at the adult Olympics in Tokyo.


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