The President took part in the reporting meeting of the PMR Ministry of Finance

03/25/21 19:11

The President took part in the reporting meeting of the PMR Ministry of Finance

Today's expanded meeting of the PMR Ministry of Finance was of reporting nature. The results of 2020 were summed up. The work was organized in the format of a video conference. The President took part in the event. The keynote address was delivered by Minister Tatyana Kirova. She spoke in detail about all the directions of the ministry's activities, stressing that the work was carried out in the most difficult conditions of the pandemic, the fight against which demanded colossal unforeseen expenses from the state. Tatiana Kirova called the phased restructuring of the budget an important tool for maneuvering in crisis circumstances. Another significant aspect is the assessment of the real need of the state for funds and taking into account the real sources of financing when forming the draft budget.

After listening to the minister's report, the meeting participants discussed in more detail some points that require clarification and detail, exchanged views and proposals on improving the work of the Ministry of Finance. It was noted at the end of the year in general, that the ministry coped with the tasks set. The budget remained socially oriented and at the same time multi-vector. It was quickly and efficiently restructured based on realities. The PMR Prime Minister Alexander Martynov considers the completion of such a difficult financial year without a monetary issue an important achievement. He highlighted the absence of the Concept of Budgetary Policy and the current Tax Code among the aspects that complicate the work and require action as well as an effective, legally enshrined mechanism for suppressing transfer pricing. Work is underway in all these spheres, and drafts of legislative initiatives are being prepared.

The President spoke in his speech about the necessity to update and justified replenishment of the regulatory framework with some documents regulating the activities of the Ministry of Finance. According to Vadim Krasnoselsky, for example, an officially approved procedure for the development of the draft budget is necessary. Working documents (and not formal) should be provisions on the procedure for considering citizens' appeals and on the state customs inspection. To build up interaction with other departments, structures and institutions is among the practical recommendations and current instructions to the management and employees of the Ministry of Finance. The President focused on the issue of cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, in particular, with the State Service of Bailiffs. The President instructed to create an electronic database of debtors and ensure prompt interdepartmental data exchange. In addition, the tax authorities need to strengthen contacts with colleagues from law enforcement agencies, said Vadim Krasnoselsky. We are talking about the fight against economic crimes and interaction with the employees of the Department of Economic Crimes. It was noted that the participation of representatives of the prosecutor's office in this work will also be effective. The President proposed the following mechanism: tax inspectorates will send materials to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and notifications to the prosecutor's office, which is charged with monthly coordination meetings to verify the data.

Another topic that the President focused on was the Creation of the most favorable conditions for producers was another. Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled an important principle: the decision should be made in favor of the taxpayer when considering any legal conflict. The President emphasized at the same time that these same collisions should be promptly eliminated.

Taking into account a number of protocol instructions, the implementation of which is aimed at improving the activities of the Ministry of Finance, the President noted that in general the department in a difficult 2020 coped with the tasks set: the budget was executed, the existing accounts payable is understandable. Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed gratitude to the leadership and staff of the Ministry of Finance and its structural divisions for the work done, aiming at its productive continuation.


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