Pridnestrovie switched over to cashless settlements for customs payments

03/02/21 18:44

Pridnestrovie switched over to cashless settlements for customs payments

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Tiraspol, March 2. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The simplification of custom procedures is continuing in Pridnestrovie. Since March 1 this year, customs payments cashless settlement has been introduced for individual entrepreneurs. It’s valid for almost all transactions, and exclusively in Pridnestrovian rubles.

However, according to the head of the customs payments department as well as the PMR State Customs Committee (SCC) foreign exchanges control Yulia Belozerova, there are few exceptions. There are four of them: the road charge, vignette payment, customs escort duty and the goods importation payment for personal use in exceeding the established standard. In this case, it’s possible to pay in cash, this also applies to foreign citizens.

The new concept “Single customs payment” was introduced for cashless settlements.

The individual entrepreneur with an object of becoming a participant in foreign economic activity should to pass the corresponding registration either at regional customs offices, or directly at border crossing points.

According to Vladimir Spichikov the head of the development and software maintenance department of the State Customs Committee Information Technologies Department, this procedure takes several minutes and requires a minimum documents to complete it: a PMR citizen’s passport or (the Soviet passport), and for foreign citizens, who are permanently resident in the Pridnestrovian territory a permanent resident card or a temporary registration certificate. This’s the case of individuals. In the event when we are talking about individual entrepreneurs (peasant farm enterprises), then a document on for-profit business organizations is also required.

A special form sheet is filled in with the assignment of a registration customs number as well as a business account for the import and export implementation. A QR-code is also planned for quick payment through mobile applications of the Unified Customs Payment banks.

It’s necessary to enter personal account number for customs operations paying. In the case when calculation is carried out through the Clover card, then it isn’t required. The registration number isn’t entered when paying, but it’s necessary to know it for filling in a declaration.

There are certain peculiarities when registering peasant farm enterprises (PFE) as participants in foreign economic activity, as well as making a single customs payment. A PFE can only be registered by its head upon presentation of all farm members’ documents. Payment is made from the head’s personal account, his registration number is also indicated, but at the same time a declaration could be submitted by another farm’s representative.

When one is speaking of respective individuals, who are transporting goods across the border for organizations, then the withdrawal from the both legal entity and an individual account could be implemented. It all depends on their agreement.

In addition to the possibility to pay for a specific customs operation, an advance payment is also provided, Alexander Ovcharenko, the Head of the Information Technologies Department in the State Customs Committee emphasized. It’s possible to contribute a certain sum to your personal account, which will be debited according to foreign economic activity implementation.

There are two ways of settling the account: directly at the bank department and through the Internet. In the first case, it’s necessary to wait at the max of one working day. In the second one, crediting to the personal account will be implemented almost immediately. Currently, the “Taxes and Charges” section favicon is only available in the Agroprombank Internet bank. According to Vladimir Spichikov, such function will also appear in the Eximbank. During a month, the corresponding agreements will be concluded with other credit institutions.


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