Meeting of the Operational Headquarters: working discussion

09/14/20 12:22

Meeting of the Operational Headquarters: working discussion

Importance of the institution of controlled self-isolation of citizens who are potential carriers of the virus was discussed in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. There are mainly citizens in conditions of home quarantine who arrived from abroad and who refused to undergo testing procedure or are waiting for the results of the study of the biomaterial. Totally, 1452 Pridnestrovians have been prescribed strict self-isolation today. Law enforcement agencies are conducting checks on compliance with quarantine requirements. Violators are brought to administrative responsibility. It is proposed to use modern technologies to increase the effectiveness of control measures. To begin with, launch a mechanism for tracking the movements of citizens of this category using a program installed in a mobile phone and parallel control through multiple calls at different times to landline telephone. This system will reduce the burden on the employees of the internal affairs bodies, who, under existing conditions, carry out targeted visits of isolated citizens. The issue is being worked out.

Administrative measures are taken in relation to citizens who violate the mask regime in crowded places. 83 people were brought to responsibility during four days.

Supervision should not weaken in relation to objects of the sphere of trade and services, enterprises, educational institutions, the President pointed out. He urged to pay special attention to the observance of the mask regime by teachers. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the presence of masks is, first of all, protection of teachers (many of whom are at risk). Like a doctor, every teacher is an important link in the social chain. A teacher who is out of action will disrupt the educational process that is already difficult to build in the pandemic. Cases of coronavirus in two classes (groups) entail the closure of the entire institution for two-week quarantine, the President recalled. Four classes have been closed in three schools in the capital and one in Rybnitsa during the past few days. In addition, the admission of children in five groups of kindergartens in Tiraspol, Bendery and the village of Karagash has been suspended.

Militia officers will constantly monitor the mask regime in schools, technical schools, colleges and universities.

They spoke in the course of the meeting about coronavirus posts at the Pridnestrovian border to minimize the import of the virus. At the moment there are 11 of them. Considering that the pandemic is not receding yet, and the cold season is approaching, the issue was discussed that temporary checkpoints need to be improved - to provide heat and electricity.

The President asked about progress in purchasing a computerized tomograph scanner for the hospital in Bendery. Commercial offers are now being studied. Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that the purchase of expensive medical equipment should be carried out exclusively on condition of a tender. They discussed the feasibility of purchasing other types of modern medical equipment and instruments, in particular, laparoscopic stands for the Oncology Department of the republican clinical hospital and the Bendery Hospital. It will allow minimizing the number of abdominal surgical operations, which will reduce the time of postoperative stay of patients in medical facilities. The issue of purchasing equipment for histological laboratory is also being discussed (now the biomaterial is being sent for research to Chisinau). Vadim Krasnoselsky, emphasizing the importance of updating medical equipment, drew attention to such an aspect as personnel training. The President instructed to start training specialists for work on the equipment proposed for purchase today.

The issue of creating a COVID laboratory in Rybnitsa remains relevant. Its presence will significantly reduce the research time of the incoming biomaterial. To date, the results of the polymerase chain reaction test analysis have to wait for several days. An incident occurred on this basis in the Dubossary hospital: citizens preparing for discharge expressed dissatisfaction with the length of the waiting period and the extension of the hospital stay that was forced in this regard. The President instructed to understand the situation, noting that the entire health care system should work to ensure that the time spent by patients in medical institutions is minimized. This is the goal pursued by the country's leadership, insisting on early detection of the disease and surgical treatment, recalled Vadim Krasnoselsky.


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