The President is on a working visit to Kamenka District

06/24/20 12:56

The President is on a working visit to Kamenka District

Vadim Krasnoselsky will spend the day in the north of the republic. Presidential inspection of a number of agricultural facilities, as well as some health care facilities, is planned. The working visit to Kamenka district began with conversation with the Head of Administration. Vladimir Bychkov spoke about the state of affairs. The interlocutors discussed current issues of the district’s life. They talked about coronavirus, noting that there were few cases of infection in the Kamenka district. The administration makes every effort to prevent the mass spread of the disease. Local Operational Headquarters has been created, headed by Vladimir Bychkov. Systematic interaction has been established with the Operational Headquarters, all decisions of which are quickly communicated to the population, the Head of the district emphasized. Considering that the distribution of COVID-19 was controlled, the infectious diseases hospital temporarily deployed in Kamenka was temporally abandoned. If carriers of the virus are detected, it was decided to send them to neighboring Rybnitsa.

The President asked about the functioning under the conditions of quarantine restrictions of trade facilities, in particular, food markets. According to Vladimir Bychkov, compliance with security requirements established by the Operational Headquarters is constantly monitored. The network of renewed markets was gradually expanded, schedule for their work was established: the city receives sellers and visitors six days a week, one “market” day is allocated in the villages.

The region’s readiness for a safe beach season was noticed by the President.

Particular attention was paid to the situation in agriculture. The President asked about the effects of April frosts, prolonged droughts, and recent heavy rains.

The interlocutors went with the inspection of the district after working discussion at the state administration. The President inspected the local fields. His attention was attracted by arable land located in the village of Red October. Winter wheat and sunflower are sown on several hundred hectares. Vadim Krasnoselsky was told that this is the land of cannery, leased so as not to stand idle, to the Kamensky Kolos LLC. In general, factory farmland occupies nearly two thousand hectares of land in the villages of Red October, Kuzmin, Ocnita and Grushka. The Head of the administration considers it justified the decision to transfer part of them on lease terms to local agricultural companies: agricultural producers have proven themselves to be responsible and efficient land users. The Head of the Kamensky Koloz told that they sowed proportionally wheat, corn, sunflower and rapeseed. Harvest last year was lost. They had to plant rapeseed fields again. 60 hectares were allocated for vegetables. Climatically very difficult, this year showed that without watering land use is extremely risky. The entrepreneur announced his readiness to invest in the development of the irrigation system, while noting that the agribusiness needs support from the state and accepts help with gratitude. Its important component is the consistently low price of irrigation water. The President assured that it is not planned to increase its value in the near future.

Vladimir Bychkov spoke about successful examples of the activities of Kamenka peasant farms. Each of them does not exceed hundreds of hectares, individual entrepreneurs engaged in the agricultural sector, for the most part, grow sunflower and corn. There is a vegetable farm and a garden.

The Head of the district administration considers that the future belongs to small agricultural firms. They value every inch of the earth, strive for its most efficient and careful use, apply modern agricultural technologies.

Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the interaction of the state and the agricultural business, regardless of the form and size of agricultural enterprises, will continue on the principles of partnership. Speaking about the Kamenka district, the President emphasized that the availability of a processing base - the cannery - is an important factor in the successful development of agriculture.


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