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From the beginning of the year, the standard set of goods and services has risen in price for 1,5 %

Tiraspol, April, 11 /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Weak inflationary dynamics is marked the third month in a row. According to the Public service of statistics, in March the cost of a standard set of goods and services has risen for 0,43%. Thus, from the beginning of the year, the price has the average grown on 1,5 %. For comparison: in the past, to year this parameter was 4% on the results of three months. The Brief review of inflation is published on the official site of the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank (PRB).

The rise in prices is noted in a food segment. The cold season has brought the corrective amendments in the cost of vegetables and fruit which have risen in price on the average for 13,4 % and 3,8 % accordingly. On the contrary eggs, meat and dairy production have fallen in price.

In the review of the PRB, it is an infographic about the influence of every component on a summary consumer price index.

In not food segment insignificant reduction of prices on cosmetics, washing-up liquids, furniture, computer facilities, medicines, etc is observed.

As experts of the Central Bank mark, despite fluctuations of world oil quotations (in a range from 64,9 dollars for a barrel of Brent up to 68,6 dollars), cost of fuel in the Republic in March remained constant.

In the area of services, tariffs stay at a level of February. The communication, on the contrary, has risen in price for 0,2 %. Bank services have increased by 0,6%.


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