A worrying trend. JMC's report unsigned for 2 weeks

06/28/18 14:38

A worrying trend. JMC's report unsigned for 2 weeks

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Tiraspol, 28 June. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. For the second week running, the Joint Control Commission has not been able to assess the situation in the Security Zone because JMC (Joint Military Command) documents remain unsigned. Last week the senior military commander from Moldova refused to sign them, but the reason why the report has not been signed this time has yet to be found out.

The head of the Pridnestrovian delegation to the JCC stressed that this trend can not but worry as the assessment of the situation in the Security Zone is one of the basic aspects of the JCC's work.    

"The situation in the Security Zone is fully dependent on the situation that develops, including in relations between Moldova and Pridnestrovie. Therefore, the assessment of the situation itself must be regular, routine. And no side has the right to violate the JCC's decisions, which were adopted in the framework of protocol 614 which obligates the sides to sign the JMC's reports," said Oleg Belyakov.

The co-chairman also drew attention to the fact that the representatives of the Republic of Moldova were still blocking the inspection by military observers of six of the 23 Pridnestrovian law enforcement posts located in the Security Zone.   

"By refusing to monitor the presence of personnel, weapons and infrastructure changes at these posts. We do not understand this behavior as well. What's this about? The Moldovan side has so far refused all kinds of explanations," Belyakov added.

During the meeting, the JCC was able to consider only one organisational issue - the candidacy of a military observer from the Russian Federation was approved.  


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