Moldova blocking JMC's work

04/14/16 16:08

Moldova blocking JMC's work

This issue was raised by the Pridnestrovian delegation during today's JCC meeting

Tiraspol, 14 April. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The governing body of the peacekeeping operation discussed problems in the work of the Joint Military Command (JMC) during today's meeting.

As the Pridnestrovian co-chair to the JCC, Oleg Belyakov, said in an interview with journalists, in recent weeks only reports on the situation in the Security Zone have been discussed at JMC meetings, other issues on the agenda are not even considered.

«We have noticed the tendency that in the past four weeks the Moldovan side in person of the chief military commander has been blocking the JMC's work. According to the JMC, only reports on the situation in the Security Zone are considered during its meetings. Other issues relating to rotation, military equipment and many other things are not discussed. The Moldovan side issues ultimatums, leaves meetings," said Oleg Belyakov.

According to him, it looks more like an orchestrated action as problems in the JMC's work were announced earlier by the Moldovan co-chair to the JCC.

«We heard the Moldovan co-chair say that the stalling of the JCC's work may affect the work of the JMC. Of course, this is a very serious alarm signal as this is the military component securing peace in the Security Zone," said the Pridnestrovian co-chair.

However, the JCC has made a decision to hold an enlarged meeting of the military command next Wednesday.

«Next Wednesday we are having an enlarged meeting of the JMC with the involvement of JCC, OSCE and Ukraine's representatives. Afterwards the report will be submitted to the Joint Control Commission. We hope this meeting will be very effective, we all want to eliminate misunderstandings between our military," said Oleg Belyakov.

«This body is very important for the peacekeeping operation as it commands all peacekeeping units in the Security Zone," added the co-chair.

The head of the delegation underscored that Pridnestrovie will do its best to ensure the normal work of all components of the peacekeeping mission.


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