Public sector employees to receive 100% of December wages

01/12/16 13:45

Public sector employees to receive 100% of December wages

In 2016 public sector employees' wages will be paid in full, and the 2015 arrears will be paid off in parts
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Tiraspol, 12 January.  /Novosti Pridnestrovya/.  Wages will be paid in full volume to public sector workers, said the finance minister, Irina Molokanova, in an interview with journalists. "We will fund 100% of the December salary volume," she said.

According to the minister, the 2016 draft budget provides for the full payment of wages throughout the entire year. Besides, in compliance with the document, the indebtedness to public sector employees accumulated in 2015 will be gradually paid off. According to Molokanova, the state's debt is likely to be reimbursed in parts during the year. "Depending on revenues, we will decide in which quarters and months we will be able to clear this indebtedness. But we certainly cannot do it in a month as was the case with pensions," noted the minister.

The aggregate amount of indebtedness is 303 million roubles, 198 million of which accounts for the republican budget, and the rest for local budgets.

It is recalled that the 2016 draft budget provides for a two-stage increase in minimum salaries. Since 1 January the increase will amount to 3%, which will be followed by another 1.5% since 1 July. This increase is based on the inflation forecast of about 4.5% stipulated in a law On the Republican Budget for 2015 and the Planning Period of 2016-2017. This very rate will be used for indexing salaries. According to Irina Molokanova, if the inflation rate differs from the forecast, the coefficient increasing minimum salaries will be either upgraded or downgraded since 1 July.


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