Government to support domestic production as part of import substitution

06/25/15 14:50

Government to support domestic production as part of import substitution

Only domestic manufacturers will be admitted to public purchases of a certain range of goods
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Only domestic manufacturers will be allowed to participate in tenders for supplying import-substituting production to budget-funded organisations. The government approved a resolution on the assistance in import substitution to a number of industries of Pridenstrovie's economy and amendments to the public purchases legislation.

The document, which has been elaborated as part of the government's anti-crisis programme, provides for the list of import-substituting products and the register of domestic enterprises that produce these products. According to Alevtina Slinchenko, minister of economic development, «the register includes mainly food products, light industry goods, construction materials.» She added that this production is produced at the qualitative level and in the volume satisfying the needs of Pridnestrovie's budget-funded organisations.

«Adopting the resolution will support domestic manufacturers in the present crisis situation by enhancing product markets, as well as increase the taxable base," said the acting head of the Price and Antimonopoly Committee, Aleksey Timchenko, who was presenting the document at the government's meeting.

Additional goals of the government's import substitution measures are to provide employment to the population and to increase business activity, said the minister. Alongside major enterprises, farmers will be allowed to take part in public purchases.

According to Alevtina Slinchenko, the document will make it possible to accumulate currency returns in Pridnestrovie. «This will result in the growth of foreign exchange reserves and enhancement of balance of payments and maintain the national currency exchange rate during the crisis," said the minister.

Heads of municipal and regional state administrations, first of all, will be responsible for the execution of the resolution. However, at the government's meetings municipal authorities not once raised issues of the priority participation of domestic manufacturers in import substitution tenders, noted the prime minister, Tatyana Turanskaya.

«The chief goal of the government is to provide Pridnestrovie's food security," concluded the premier.


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