Pridnestrovie's President: Republic shows lack of ideas adequate in this situation

04/22/15 20:59

Pridnestrovie's President: Republic shows lack of ideas adequate in this situation

According to the president, many statements on the economic situation are aimed at electoral struggle ahead of the upcoming parliamentary and local elections
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How to overcome the crisis and what should be done to achieve it — these questions in different variations were posed during the «Journalists Invite» TV show on the First Pridnestrovian Channel. Yevgeny Shevchuk noted there are several strategies of economic development of the republic. One has been elaborated by the Supreme Council, and the other by the government.

«Besides, a number of experts have submitted their suggestions in this field, and many of them coincide with those of the government. The experts admit that the basic constraining factor for investments is Pridnestrovie's unrecognised status. They recommend to develop those types of business which have no restrictions for import and export operations, i. e. foreign trade rules should be determined first," said Yevgeny Shevchuk.

The head of state noted many ideas and suggestions on the improvement of economic situation are being expressed, but those applicable in reality are scarce. «The republic shows lack of ideas adequate to the situation; there are talks and criticism, but no actual suggestions. And some people who have very little in common with the state’s goals are just provoking conflict situations," underscored the president.

In this situation the government's task is to have a calm attitude towards these attacks because, as was noted by Yevgeny Shevchuk, many of them are aimed at raising authority for certain political forces ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections. «It is important that the citizens understand the electoral campaign is about to start, and many show excessive activity," said the president.


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