Due to the excise goods import restrictions through the Pridnestrovie's customs checkpoints, the republican budget revenue can fall short of about 20 million USD

03/30/15 16:47

Due to the excise goods import restrictions through the Pridnestrovie's customs checkpoints, the republican budget revenue can fall short of about 20 million USD

It should be noted that the corresponding Resolution was adopted by the Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers on March 18

According to the document, alcohol and tobacco import (including the products containing ethanol of 8,5% and more) across the Ukraine-Pridnestrovie will be prohibited through the «Kuchurgan» and «Platonovo» checkpoints for motor vehicles and also through the railway «Kuchurgan» checkpoint.

The Resolution will take effect at the beginning of May. According to the State customs committee’s information, it will affect the interests of more than 70 Pridnestrovie’s economic agents who moved the specified types of goods through these checkpoints. So, there will be no checkpoints for excise goods import throughout all Pridnestrovie-Ukraine border, the press service of the State Customs Committee reports.

«Consequently, we are de facto forced to import the excise goods through the territory of Moldova. It will result in transportation and overhead costs increase that will also affect the prime cost growth. Besides, the import decrease and, consequently, the budget revenue shortcomings are possible," the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Dmitry Boltrushko told our agency.

According to the State Customs Committee’s information, the innovations of the Ukraine Cabinet will cost to Pridnestrovie approximately 20 million USD. These are the tax and customs duties which probably won’t go into the state treasury.

It was also noted by the department that the infrastructure of the Pridnestrovie’s customs checkpoints («Pervomaisk» and «Novy Goyan») was created taking into account the fright transportation flow in the Ukrainian direction. The checkpoints were properly equiped for the effective customs control conforming to the international standards of the Customsd.

According to the Pridnestrovie’s SCC, new restrictive steps agains the Pridnestrvie’s freights can’t be regarded otherwise than the next act of pressure aimed to make the republic more concessive in contacts with Moldova moving in the European Union’s vector.

It is also reminded in the message of the press service that in February, and then in September-December of 2014 the border and customs services of Ukraine tightened control over the freights moving through the Ukraine territory to the Pridnestrovie’s economic agents. These sanctions were imposed in coordination with official Kishinev.

As a result, the Pridnestrovie’s overall foreign turnover (not including gas, electric power, production of Moldova Steel Works and «Sherif» ltd.) decreased by 14% in comparison with 2013, and the turnover through the Pridnestrovie-Ukraine border decreased almost by one third.


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