Pridnestrovie tries to include its enterprises in the Russian Import Substitution Program

12/25/14 17:40

Pridnestrovie tries to include its enterprises in the Russian Import Substitution Program

Russia is ready to support Pridnestrovie

The appeal to include the Pridnestrovie’s enterprises in the Russian Import Substitution Program or to provide them the status equal to the Russian ones is being prepared at the ministerial level within the interdepartmental contacts with Russia. Otherwise, they can lose the Russian market.

The meeting with the heads of the Pridnestrovie’s leading industrial enterprises took place in the Economic Development Ministry today. As the head of the ministry Alevtina Slinchenko noted during the conversation with journalists, the Import Substitution Program is still being developed in the Russian Federation, and it will include the enterprises having their facilities within the Russian territory.

“Exactly this condition may become an obstacle for many of our enterprises oriented to the Russian market, and they may simply lose their business with the large Russian enterprises, for example, such as Rosneft and Gazprom. We have the examples of the suspended contracts already today,” Slinchenko told.

She also reminded that the Pridnestrovie’s Foreign Policy Concept provides the Eurasian markets orientation. Also, the head of the Economic Development Ministry noted that Pridnestrovie and Russian Federation have signed the memoranda promoting the mutual trade relations this year.

According to the Russia’s trade commissioner in Moldova Vladislav Darvay, the western sanctions against the Russian Federation caused the Import Substitution Program development.

“We decided to ensure ourselves as much as possible for today and for the future reducing the amount of the imported equipment and goods. This program was taken by the Russian idustrial sector with enthusiasm. It gives good chances to start the reindustrialization of Russia. But as we see, the friendly republics face certain problems. We’ll try to search for the ways of their decision,” Darvay noted.

He emphasized that the Russian party is aimed to gather all information about the Pridnestrovie’s enterprises now. “We need to understand those specific problems faced by the enterprises in every economy sector. Then, we will mobilize all information, analyze it, and send it to Moscow. Perhaps, the Eurasian Economic Commission will discuss some this question additionally. The great and difficult work is coming, but I am sure that we will succeed joining all our efforts,” the trade commissioner of the Russian Federation told.


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