Record low inflation rate in Pridnestrovie

12/16/14 09:15

Record low inflation rate in Pridnestrovie


Since the beginning of the year the prices have increased slightly by more than 1%

The Pridnestrovie’s First Channel reports this quoting the National Statistics Service

Following the results of November it is noted a slight prices reduction of only 0.7%, i.e. a deflation. First of all, the situation was affected by statistics on nonfoods, the experts point out.

"Such a low inflation level occured in the republic for the first time. The prices of food products have increased by 1.6% since the beginning of the year, and nonfood decreased approximately by 3%. It occurred because of the petrol prices level. In Pridnestrovie petrol price fell once again approximately by 2,5% in November. And if we observe the prices since the beginning of year, this rate will reach already 24%," - the head of the National Statistics Service Irina Popova reported.



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