Защищая Родину. В Приднестровье почтили память народных ополченцев

17/03/17 12:28

Защищая Родину. В Приднестровье почтили память народных ополченцев

За время вооруженной агрессии Молдовы против Приднестровья погибли 237 ополченцев, 200 были ранены, еще 12 – пропали без вести
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Protecting the Homeland. Pridnestrovie pay tribute to citizen militiamen

237 militiamen died, 200 were wounded, 12 were missed in action during the armed aggression of Moldova against Pridnestrovie

Tiraspol, March 17. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. A meeting was held at the Memorial of Military Glory in Tiraspol on the 25th anniversary of the Militia. The head of state Vadim Krasnoselsky, the Supreme Council Chairman Alexander Shcherba, the first president of Pridnestrovie Igor Smirnov, the members of the Government, the MPs, the heads of the ministries and the departments, the heads of the state administrations of the cities and districts and also the defenders of Pridnestrovie and their families participated in the ceremony.

The leaders of the republic, the defenders of Pridnestrovie, the citizens laid fresh flowers at the granite plates of the Memorial of Military Glory to pay tribute to each of the fallen.

On March 17, 1992 the president of Pridnestrovie Igor Smirnov signed a decree on enactment of Militia Provisional Regulation enshrining the regulations on voluntary detachments. This day is acknowledged as an official day of creation of militia which became the most numerous military force protecting Pridnestrovie from aggression of the Moldavan nationalists in 1992.

Ordinary citizens of different social standing, age, nationality and education, who had never held a weapon in their hands, became the voluntarily defenders of Pridnestrovie. In total, lists of militia amounted to 10 225 people. It should be noted that militia was organized in the conditions of Moldova's aggression against the PMR when the detachments of guardsmen, Cossacks and volunteers of the Territorial Rescue Groups (TRG) were in sanguinary battles against the aggressors and suffered heavy casualties.

During the armed aggression of Moldova against Pridnestrovie, 237 militiamen died, 200 were wounded, 12 were missed in action.

Women also weren't indifferent in the fight for freedom of the republic. Mothers and wives helped the men as they could.

Lyudmila Ignatova joined the militia right after its organization. She tells that she didn't even do some thinking because freedom and peace of the homeland were in danger.

I worked at Tkachenko Factory, and a Moldavan was a director then. He didn't allow us and told that he would fire those who would be caught going to militia. And we were hiding at night, went to Bendery, made propaganda leaflets, and, one day, the Moldavian security officers began to shoot from Giska. Then our militiamen fired back. After that, I joined a voluntary group. I was everywhere: both in entrenchments, and on rails, I went to Kiev and displayed our Pridnestrovian flag there.

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